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Note:Bill Peet, author and illustrator, died at the age of 87 in 2002. All of his 34 books, including the first, published in 1959, are still in print today. In his career as an author and illustrator of children’s books, Peet created a menagerie of unforgettable characters. He had this to say about them: “I write about animals because I love to draw them. Most of my animal characters have human personalities, and some are much like the people I know.” Children from ages 4 – 8 love to listen to these stories, and some of them are inspired to read independently (and successfully), even though the vocabulary is quite sophisticated. I chose to review one book, in the hope that it will create an interest for this great author of picture books.

The Whingdingdilly
is a story about the many adventures a dog called Scamp experiences in his quest to accept what he is – a story about identity.

Both the text and crayon (!) illustrations are rich in detail and colour. The expressions in the pictures and the colourful expressions in the print work harmoniously together to give a lively and vivid look into the world as seen by Bill Peet. The author was able to create very clear pictures of the central character, Scamp, in his aspiration to be like “Palomar, the wonder horse” and the mortification felt by the dog when his owner Orvie laughs at him for imitating the horse:

This sets the stage for Scamp running away and the subsequent adventures that are one of the hallmarks of Peet’s particular brand of storytelling. Scamp has no idea where he’s going, but he stops when he comes to a dense woods. He’d heard that a wicked little witch lived there who possessed the power to turn anyone into a stone or a toad. But Scamp was in no mood to worry about a little witch, so in he went. The imagery is such that the reader can’t help but be drawn into the scene; to actually feel how much cooler and spooky it is in there, and how quiet it is except for the burbling brook running through a jumble of rocks. And the reader can’t help but empathize with the poor, dejected dog as he trots from boulder to boulder beneath a black, overhanging canopy of trees. A little later, Scamp senses someone watching him, and the hair on the back of his neck bristles. It’s Zildy, the witch. “Why old Zildy can turn you into a horse in a twinkling,” she said, patting him gently on the head. “Oh, but I can do much better than that, doggy. How would you like to be something fantastic? The only one of its kind in all the world? A marvelous magnificent something I call a wingdingdilly? What do you say?” To cast the spell she spews nonsense words and rhyme in a smooth-flowing style, to transform Scamp into a hodgepodge of animal parts.

From there, Peet weaves in adventure after adventure until, in the end, with a blend of realism and fantasy, the tale is believable: the author has taken the story full circle, placing Scamp back into “dog-world”, where he can no longer communicate his feelings. But nor does he wish to: he is finally happy to be a plain, regular old dog.

In the end, both Orvie and Scamp have undergone a growth process in learning to appreciate themselves and the others around them for who they are. And the reader has learned a simple but powerful truth in a quite unique way.

And while Peet dressed up a simple plot by the use of rich detail in text and illustrations, he was also careful to create an atmosphere of security for the young reader or listener; through the use of foreshadowing, events unfold in such a way that the reader may actively make close predictions throughout the text.

The Whingdingdilly is dedicated to Rama, Bill Peet’s dog: In memory of a wonderful dog. Our library has 20 other wonderful books besides this one. If The Whingdingdilly isn’t immediately available, choose one of these:
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Viksurontti (Bill Peet) pdf, epub, doc

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