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First of all I have to be honest I did not finish this book. I read the first 5 chapters and could bear to go any further.

Before I go into any more detail I just want to make it clear that I do believe that we should honor people, our pastors, leaders, peers, those older than us, those younger than us, etc. I don't think we should dishonor anyone. I also believe that it is important to submit to one another. We shouldn't act rebellious, manipulative, or try to subvert what God is doing in any way. The example Jesus sets is to serve one another, not to try and force our way to get what we want, and I fully believe that.

Now onto the book. It is tough for me to judge the entire book because I have not read the whole thing. However, if the foundation he sets in the beginning is any indicator of how the rest of the book will go, and usually it is, I feel fairly comfortable with my assessment. At the very least I can assess what I did read.

He starts out laying the groundwork for honor, authority and rewards. And I believe he takes them all out of context.

When Jesus talks about rewards he talks about salvation and inheriting the kingdom of God. I don't recall any notion of partial rewards and Bevere willingly admits that he thinks it is implied. Is it really though? What is the true reward, the fact that the cripple gets up and walks or that his sins are forgiven? To be healed but not receive salvation is no reward at all. The idea of partial rewards doesn't make any sense, can someone be partially saved? People can be partially healed, and that's great, but that is not the reward that is referred to in the passages relating to rewards. Our reward is eternal life with Christ, nothing else matters.

God doesn't guarantee that if we follow him we will have an easy life, in fact he guarantees the exact opposite. What happens to the Christian who holds Bevere's idea of rewards but finds that he is going through an especially troubling time? He must assume that he has dishonored God in some way, otherwise he would be reaping the rewards. This is not good.

Bevere seems to equate honoring God and his servants to receiving rewards (in His view healings and other good things). However, in the Gospels and throughout the New Testament healings were attributed to faith, not honor. Surly someone who has faith in God will honor him, but they are not the same thing. In fact Bevere tries to make his point using those faith passages to prove his honor point (by replacing words with honor or putting them in). His point and examples about honor could easily, and should probably (since that is what those passages originally say), be attributed to faith. I'm sure we could find many examples of people not being healed (or rewarded) where the faith and honor was present, so to say that it has to do solely with honor, or even solely faith is not true.

He also equates how much God moves with how much a pastor or leader is honored. This seems very troubling. As if God isn't going to move because you weren't hosted in a fancy hotel or given first class service! He gives an example of an american church where he felt lack of honor and therefore wasn't able to preach as good. Perhaps the reason could also be that he was so focused on being served that he was distracted from what God wanted to do?

Authority is also another issue. He basically brings along his ideas from Under Cover into this book, which is to be expected. He then goes on to say that because the centurion recognized Jesus authority that means that Gentile concepts of authority is what we should acknowledge. However, perhaps Jesus wasn't amazed by the recognition of authority but rather the faith the centurion showed in basically disgracing himself as a Roman and seeking help from a Jew? This seems more likely since Jesus outright rejects worldly concepts of authority and says that we should not lord it over others but seek to be the servant of all, the first is last. Servants have "authority" in the Kingdom of God, not leaders. It's bottom up, not top down like the world.

There is one more thing I noticed that I found absolutely horrific. Bevere mentions that those who don't honor God are ultimately considered no worth God's notice. This seems to be saying that God only loves those who honor Him. But isn't this the opposite of the Gospel? God so loved the world that He sent His Son to die for us? John 3:16? God loved us and died for us while we were still his enemies! He considers His enemies worth more than just His notice, but worth the life and death of His Son!

I don't want to make it sound like it was all bad, he does make some good points, but the main points were not good at all and poorly supported. I will be looking for other books on honor that are out there. I do want to honor people and to learn how to honor better, but this book has so many detrimental teachings in it that I cannot recommend it.

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Honor's Reward (John Bevere) pdf, epub, doc

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