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I read this book when i was in 4th grade. This book is in spanish, but i really liked it. The book Natacha has a lot of books but the onethat i really liked was the first book. I liked it because it talks about how she is and I think it is very funny and she doesn’t understand adults like for example when her mom tellsher to brush her teethes or brush her hair andall that stuff that parents tell us to do well she kind of get annoyed when the book was talking about that it said “why does adults have to tell you to do everything why can’t we do whatever we want” I agreed in that but the bad thing is that we can’t.

Another thing that I liked was when Natacha wanted to go outside and haven’t finish her homework she just goes but when her mom talks to her “where do you think you are going???” and Natacha just change the conversation, does things are things that I liked because it made me laugh.

Another thing I liked was when Natacha got a dog and her mom didn’t know about it and I liked that part too because first she does it in a funny way and she talks to him like it is her brother, and i like the dog parts because Natacha and her best friend always do stuff to him like when Natacha was cooking for her mom and Rafles (the dog) got food on himand i think thats really funny too.

And i liked other parts of the book too but they are like the ones that I already wrote at the top.
I liked this book because it talks about a 10 year old and i am almost the same age as her, and it is really funny and it made me laugh.

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Natacha (Luis María Pescetti) pdf, epub, doc

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