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Charles I was always a sickly child not thought to live pass infancy, by some miracle he recovered but for the rest of his life he remained frail. The death of his older brother Prince Henry left the young Charles grief stricken and pressure had now mounted he was to face the limelight, to prove to his people he could be a King, Charles I reign began in 1625.

Unlike his father James I of England and VI of Scotland, Charles lacked the scholarly erudition he replaced books with interest in paintings, sculptures and tapestries. As a ruler Charles was deeply insecure unsure of his own physical and personal stature he suffered from an unconscious assurance against despair and loneliness giving himself a shy, awkwardness and showing little grasp of people but what he did have was a strong rigid belief in his royal title which give him predisposed funds to invest in his art collection what he became was an obsessive collector. The risks inherent in buying art did not prevent Charles from accepting the practice of betrayal, fraud and theft his agents and dealers made sure he got what he wanted. It was also believed Charles obsession with art was to be his retreat, his escapism to have ward off any other existential doubt.

This story is painted in a wonderful vivid dramatic picture told through King Charles I greatest collection, the struggles of art verses power which Charles created against the backdrop of wars and revolution. Europe was in bitter conflict over religion and imperial authority, The 30 year's war 1618 - 1648 left Charles bankrupt but during these turbulent times Charles managed to extend and capitalize on his Art. Politics in England mounted all around him for his pointless wars and overspending having dismissed Parliament several times; he slowly pushed his own country into Civil War until a final act against his people sealed death, executed for high treason 1649.

The Kings relentless spending was suddenly brought to light and it was quite overwhelming, his greatest achievement was to posses such an impressive art collection. Artist works such as Raphael, Leonardo, Durer, Rembrandt and many others, portraits were commissioned from Ruben, Van Dyck, Charles also acquired a handful of exquisite Titians known to be his favourite pieces, drawings, statues and tapestries everything was careful catalogued and most were kept aligning the walls and space of his palaces and yet his own country stood in extreme debt.

We then move through the book to another shift in power Oliver Cromwell's, Cromwell took charge of the countries debt by selling off Royal possessions; they were assessed, valued and given a price tag it was known that Royalty was up for Sale. Cromwell used the collection to pay off the late king's debts and to raise money for the Commonwealth military forces the art collection went to the highest bidder or as payment for a debt in lieu, simply anyone could purchase an item, merchants, drapers, glaziers, brewers, cutlers or even given to orphans across London.

In 1660 the Monarchy was restored King Charles II ordered the repossession of many works of art that had been given away lost or sold to another country, Charles II was also shrewd enough to negotiate with certain pieces of Art to settle old political scores. Detectives of that time were sent forth to find, this book weaves through history looking into the heart of glamorous city's of Europe of that time for England's finest art collection.

Jerry Brotton the author takes us into a vivid world of one of the most interesting and exhilarating History eras, he has done a wonderful and fascinating job in his extensive research collaborating and corresponding with curators, scholars associated with the interpretation and cataloguing of these various pieces of art. Members of the Royal household gave Mr. Brotton access to the archives at St James's Palace and with their own knowledge he has managed to entwine it all into a great piece of writing. Congratulation to Jerry Brotton, a wonderful read, full of insightfulness into the world of cut throat Art History.

Highly Recommended to anyone who loves this Great history era.

Andrea Bowhill

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The Sale of the Late King's Goods (Jerry Brotton) pdf, epub, doc

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