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Gathered together from the cosmic reaches of the comic book industry — here in this great comic book issue — are the most powerful artists of good ever assembled...

...well, maybe it’s not the most powerful ever assembled (is it wise still use that word nowdays in a DC title and/or product?), but definitely it’s an amazing (no, wait, that adjective can’t be used in this publishing house)... it’s an uncanny (dang! That was worse! Let’s see...) it’s fantas... (four times dang! Are any adjectives free out there?! Okay, give a moment, I am sure that I can think in something... ... ... okay, I think I got it, thanks for your patience, folks!)...

...definitely it’s a pretty neat group of good artists (there aren’t the Pretty Neat Avengers or the Pretty Neat X-Men, aren’t they, right?)

I got this in its single issue, both, in its regular edition and this “director’s cut” edition that since it contains more explanation about each page and even a bonus gallery of art, not available in the regular edition, it was obvious that the best edition to make a review from, was this one.

Creative Team:

Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Illustrators: Amanda Conner, Becky Cloonan, Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea, Stephane Roux, Dan Panosian, Walter Simonson, Jim Lee (is he here?!!! Wow!!!), Scott Williams, Bruce Timm (is he too?!!! Wee-wow!!!), Charlie Adlard, Adam Hughes, Art Baltazar, Tradd Moore, Dave Johnson, Jeremy Roberts (who is this??! Oh, right he is the winner of the polemic contest…), Sam Kieth (Holy Sam Kieth!), Darwyn Cooke, Chad Hardin… and that’s all folks! And no, I’m not kidding, they all do the art in this single issue!


How cool would it be to have my own comic book?

After the insane popularity of the animated character of Harley Quinn, created by Paul Dini & Bruce Timm, introduced in the iconic Batman: The Animated Series, it was logical that DC Comics would capitalize that success and insert the character into the official DC Comic Book Canon Universe (without counting her already appearances in the comic books of Batman Adventures set in the animated universe).

Harley Quinn was introduced in the middle of the event No Man’s Land and she came to stay.

Even she got her own comic book series between 2001 and 2003 (that I did from #1 to like #32, yes I know it got to 38th, I could get them all, I know! I stopped it since the title wasn’t particularly good and I didn’t think that it would last only a few issues more).

And now, here we go again, with yet a new solo ongoing comic book title.

Honestly, I think that the only person who really know what’s in the crazy mind of Harley, is “her co-dad”, Paul Dini, since while Bruce Timm draw her, Dini was the writer. Timm was pulling the strings, but Dini was who said where to take the strings.

That’s why that Mad Love, the comic book telling her secret origin, and Detective Comics #831, both written by Paul Dini, are ones of the most precious items in my very wacko collection of comic books (and action figures and statues) related to Harley Quinn.

Also I have some of the miniseries of Harley & Ivy.

Still, that never discouraged me to buy her solo miniseries and ongoing titles (dang marketing!!! I will beat some day!!! Mmh... no, no really, who am I kidding? That dang marketing is too appealing, too seductive!).

So, here we go again, buying a new ongoing comic book series of Harley.


Mmh, but who could create my books...?

This issue #0 is a project breaking the fourth dimension, since the whole issue is made as a process of searching for the artist for a comic book about Harley Quinn, where she is aware of it and and she commented her opinions about each artist.

And of course , in the middle of all that madness, Harley is able to speak to Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti (the writers, in case you didn’t put attention in the creative team section, you lazy reader!), but also she speaks with “Bernie”, a taxidermist beaver, that she found in her storage locker. (And of course, Bernie speaks back to Harley! She is mad, remember?)

So, besides some pages at the beginning and at the end to bound the whole issue, the rest of pages have a different artist each, and in this “director’s cut” issue you have pretty neat comments by Conner, Palmiotti and some of the artist telling “behind-the-scenes” detailed info about each page, what they want to do on each, etc...

Also, the “director’s cut” edition includes an exclusive gallery of the art of the closer ones to win the contest to be selected and include his/her art in the comic book issue (by the way, that innocent contest made a lot of polemic since some people thought that the contest was encouraging to commit suicide! Dang! Why always are there people only thinking the worst of everything and trying to make everything look bad?)

Oh! And you will get an extra gallery with variant covers for the issue too.

Also, you can read how Palmiotti came with the crazy idea of getting artists for each page of this issue and how after the green light by Dan Didio (DC Co-Publisher in Chief), Palmiotti and Conner had to run, taking the chance that they were in the San Diego Comic-Con, so they have direct access to a… well… a pretty neat group of artists and convinced to be onboard.

So, you won’t get many inspired dialogues, but they are very funny dialogues, and certainly an amaz...(dang!)... a pretty neat gallery of many inspired artwork about Dr. Harleen Quinzel, our favorite criminally insane psychiatrist.

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Harley Quinn #0 (The New 52) (Amanda Conner) pdf, epub, doc

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