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Pete Townshend fits Wikipedia's definition of the tortured artist.To quote: The tortured artist is a stock character and real-life stereotype who is in constant torment due to frustrations with art and other people. Tortured artists feel alienated and misunderstood due to the perceived ignorance or neglect of others who do not understand them and the things they feel are important. They sometimes smoke, experience sexual frustration and recurring heartbreak, and generally appear overwhelmed by their own emotions and inner conflicts. They are often mocked in popular culture for "thinking too much," being quixotic, or coming across as pretentiously adverse to happiness and fun. Other stereotypical traits vary between extremes - from being narcissistic and extroverted to being self-loathing and introverted. Tortured artists are often self-destructive in behavior and are generally associated with mental health issues such as substance abuse, personality disorders, or depression. Tortured artists are often prone to self-mutilation and have a high rate of suicide.

This is not a book to read if you are not already a fan of The Who or Pete Townshend.This book goes into great detail about nearly every aspect of Townshend's life, which would probably bore the casual reader.This was written by a friend who has known him since childhood, so he goes all the way back to the beginning.This was perfect for me, as I have been enamoured with The Who and Pete Townshend since 10th grade, when I bought my vinyl copy of "Quadrophenia."I played this every day after school, with my big bulky headphones on, so I could drown everything else out. So it stands to reason that my favorite parts of the book were about the music and how it came to be.It gives the reader background about what was happening during the recording of "Quadrophenia" and the pressure that Townshend felt that he was under when he was locked away working on demos - he seemed to carry a lot of resentment as it seemed that the rest of the band was content to let him do all the creative work and they would come in when the product was nearly in a finished state. And I did wonder what it means when Roger sings "Don't Let Go the Coat".I found out who was the real life "Athena."I read with horrific fascination about the period of self destruction when "Somebody Saved Me" was written...Townshend was literally having someone take care of him at that point, he nearly destroyed himself with drugs. It goes into detail about why lead singer Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are like oil and water.I knew they had actually have come to blows in the studio before (Townshend got the worst end of that deal.) I did not realize the extent of the vitriol until I read some of the reasons given.They are polar opposites, who learned to coexist for the sake of getting through a recording or a show.And they realize that even if they both have talent individually, what they can do together is magic.Roger Daltrey has given some of Pete Townshend's songs the vocal power to make them into rock anthemns...Baba O'Reilly wouldn't be the same if it were Pete singing the lyrics.

If you are intrigued by any of the things I just wrote about, pick up the book.I plan on re-reading this myself, as I know that I was not able to absorb all the details on the first read.The hardcover book is War and Peace size, just so that you know what you are getting into...

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