Jake's Women (Wizards, #4) (John Booth) pdf, epub, doc

Jake is to trouble what the Beatles were to music. Not only does trouble follow him everywhere, but he also has a unique skill in discovering new ways to bring it down upon himself.

In this, his fourth novel, Jake is run from pillar to post as everything he does creates new perils. You don’t need to have read the other novels to figure out what’s going on. Jake’s problems are as much new as old, and he explains anything you need to know on the way.

Jake regards himself as a typical Welshman, faithful to his woman, honest as the day is long, and the kind of man who wouldn’t hurt a fly, given a choice. Somehow he has ended up married to two women while taking a third as his mistress. (Though to be fair, she took him.) Not only does this force him to lie all the time, but keeping everything straight in his head has become a major problem. For a non-violent man, Jake has somehow managed to kill more sentient beings than he can count, and the death toll continues to rise as the days roll by.

Jake is a Wizard, and Wizards are widely regarded as the scum of the multiverse, because those with too much power tend to end up corrupted by it. But somehow Jake isn’t corrupt and he is always trying to do the right thing, often with fatal consequences. He is never sure why it works out that way.

Follow him on his latest adventure. Jake has been teleported to the Conference Between The Worlds along with his friend and dragon, Retnor.

His wives, Jenny and Esmeralda, are pregnant and very close to term. Urda’s sister is missing. There is still an enemy out there who nearly killed Jake when he blew up a police station. All in all, it was a terrible time to be stolen away to the Conference, which could go on for years.

Jake is determined to escape, but he soon finds out that no one has ever found a way out of the Conference and that nothing there is real. On top of that, he discovers that some of those who wanted to kill him before the Conference started are determined to carry on trying.

The big question is whether Jake will survive long enough to escape.

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