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This book was lame! All the characters here were idiots! I respect the writers for all the work they put in each and every book, but I just can't help myself!

Lets start with the heroine:
-we meet her when she's 14 and her home and lands are given to one of William the Conqueror's knights;
-she's sent to a convent and the crazy mother superior always beats the crap out of her, not that she could smarten up and not make the same mistakes over and over again;
-the hero, Lyon, comes and gets here after 5 years and she can't help herself and always quarrels with the dude, insults him and other crazy stuff
-the have sex, can't say make love 'cuz that's not the case, and she participates and after that goes bat-shit-crazy! {to this part I can say bis/repeat/idem because it happens over and over and over again!}
-after all this she decides to live the sucker and on her way she decides she loves him! Of all the unbelievable stuff in this book that part tops it all.

The hero:
-obviously to make all this more dramatic he has to be a bastard
-when he goes and takes Ariana{the heroine} out of the monastery he finds out she was bitten by the crazy nun and does nothing! I mean at least he could have said that no one has the right to beat the living daylights out of her but him. But noooo the idiot decides that there has to be "a motive for all of this". That was maybe her idea of authenticity, but being a modern time woman I can't say I appreciate it!
-they arrive at their home and he finds out that she has been meeting some dude, her ex-fiancé or smth, and decides that "he will not bed her" until after that time of the month so he'll know if she's pregnant. And bam! after this decision not even 1 day or 2 pases and they have sex;
-he thinks nothing is wrong to threaten to beat her(dead, I might add) and then fu*k her.

All in all they are both crazy, her more then him. And she is schizophrenic, I'm not jocking: says she hates the hero, has sex with him after that decides that she'll leave him and then she says she loves him, that when she's with her old fiancé.

Another problem I had was with the language: CM uses a lot of "Aye"-s, "nay"-s, "thou"-s and the she adds modern time colloquialisms. I would have probably ignored them if I liked something about this book, but coupled with the rest I just couldn't help myself.

The plot was ok, for most of the book. We read about William the Conquerer and the first years after he becomes king, the problem the Normans face with the Saxons and Williams great idea of marring Saxons and Normans together.

In conclusion: I will never read something from this author again!

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The Lion's Bride (Connie Mason) pdf, epub, doc

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