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If we can all be creative, why is it so hard to come up with truly original ideas?

It's because creativity is mysterious. Just ask any scientist, artist, writer or other highly creative person to explain how they come up with brilliant ideas and, if they're honest, they don't really know.

But over the decades psychologists have given ordinary participants countless tests, forms and tasks and conducted hundreds of hours of interviews. From these emerge the psychological conditions of creativity.

Not what you should do, but how you should be.

** Six scientific principles of creativity **

In the scientific literature six principles of creativity recur again and again:

- Knowledge - explores the dangers of expertise.
Problem construction - how creative problems should be approached.
Emotion - explains which types of emotions are most creative.
Combining concepts - why the raw materials are already out there.
Abstraction - how to see your creative problem more clearly.
The wandering mind - reveals how to think flexibly.

Each are explained with examples from the research and are directly applicable to everyday creativity.

** You can learn to be more creative **

As Pablo Picasso once pointed out, all children are creative; the challenge is to remain creative into adulthood. Unfortunately public education systems around the world seem designed to crush creativity in favour of rote learning and test passing. As the years pass a fear of being wrong takes over from our natural creative tendencies.

Unlike mathematics, languages or the humanities, we are rarely taught about creativity, despite its importance to our lives. Yet the information is out there, waiting to be used.

If you would like to be more creative at work and at home—and that has to be most of us—the insights in this ebook will be useful.


** About the author **

Jeremy Dean has two advanced degrees in psychology and is currently a researcher at University College London. He is the owner and author of the acclaimed website 'PsyBlog', which describes scientific research into how the mind works.


What readers are saying:

"Just finished reading your ebook last night and I must say it was a very enjoyable and enlightening read. Great to see such an enigmatic subject discussed in such a clear and concise way." - Jake Richter

"I enjoyed your ebook on creativity. I've actually been looking for something along those lines for a while."

-Brian Kurilla, Cognitive Scientist

"I have just downloaded your Creativity e-book. I love it. Bravo. Thank you for being a light of hope for many people who actually want to learn and benefit from psychology - as you are a rising star in that you make it real and accessible!"

-Mick Karolac

"I just read this and I'm very impressed by how well you summarized a number of different and often conflicting ideas into a brief, coherent and useful summary of principles. I'm hoping to see more of these great research summaries with practical application. This kind of quality synopsis is worth more than a barn full of press releases and superficial reviews."

-Todd Stark

"Hi Jeremy, your book is very helpful, and practical too. It is the right size, with a good amount of research. Thanks for writing it.

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How to Be Creative (Jeremy Dean) pdf, epub, doc

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