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My initial penetration into the fields of Speculative Realism and Object Oriented Ontology, DoO is a clear, concise, and determined attempt to bypass the epistemological problem of access to objects (the ways in which our knowledge claims about the 'world out there' are limited by our senses/perceptions, leaving us with only what the 'world out there is for us'.), to get to real discussions about reality as it isfor itself.

The text seems to seek to deanthropocentrize ontology, repositioning the Subject as just another type of Object, and according all objects their proper due as actors in Latourian networksof relation. This restores the "natural" world to a thing of more than just symbolic value, and allows us to think of materials in ways thatfall outside the symbolic order, which can be useful for dealing with non-social material problems such as climate change, chemical pollution, and contamination of the global food supply by GMO: objects and materials persist and cause effect, whetherthey are properly identified or not.

I am not, and probablky couldn't, do the text justice in explanation, and it contains so many novel and interesting ideas.

The main challenge of the book for me has been reconciling Bryant's clarity of thought with the spread of jargony terms that get used to explain the concepts. In the end, however frustrating for me this may be, it is excusable, ashe is both a student of Lacanian psychoanalysis and continental philosophy, both of which (in my experience) have tendencies to run towards language usage the lay person will find obscure or difficult.

Totally worth multiple reads.

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The Democracy of Objects (Levi Bryant) pdf, epub, doc

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