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Helping big brother train for his biggest fight is Bree's delicious agony. The more her fingers glide across step-brother's perfect muscles, a taboo crush becomes an unstoppable obsession.

Just as she's trying to kick her addiction to his rock hard body - surprise! Her father insists she follow him to Vegas for the epic battle.

Jesse's always seen his sweet sister as a helping hand and nothing more. But when he's laid out beneath her fingers for a massage, lusts flare, and one impulsive move changes everything.

Now, Jesse is about to walk into the ring with little sister hot on his mind, fighting to claim her virginity and fertile young womb as his ultimate prize...

Warning: This story features taboo breeding sex, Brother-Sister love, and explicit language.

Word count: 10,000+ words.


"Brother, I -"

Jesse covered my mouth, slamming me into the wall and kicking the door shut behind me. I wanted to tell him how excited I was, how amazing he was out there in the fighting ring.

But, apparently, my big brother had something very different on his mind. The same potent energy he'd used to knock out Hammerhead hadn't left his body. Not by any stretch.

I struggled to absorb his kisses. Jesse's lips were fierier than before, firm hot irons pressing into my supple flesh, branding me without letting up.

His tongue angrily beat against mine. So did the rest of him.

His hands swept across my thighs, forcing up the hem of my dress. My legs wrapped around his and he began to grind against me, the massive bulge behind his worn jeans rutting like a horn.

Oh, Jesse. Oh, brother. Oh, f*ck!

Somehow, even through multiple layers, he moved against my clit just right. My eyes rolled deep into my sockets and I kissed his strong neck hard - the only sneaky kiss he'd allow me.

His hands moved further, grasping my ass, humping me back into the wall. I was sandwiched between two hot surfaces now, drowning in my own heat.

And yet, I didn't want him to stop, even for the end of the world.

I pressed my crotch into his. He grunted, giving my bottom lip one last bite before he pulled away, turning his mouth to my neck.

He kissed and nibbled down to my cleavage. Rough stubble raked me like tiny pebbles, sending the sharp realness of my brother's wonder through me in a whipsaw shudder.

"I want you inside me, big brother. God, you don't know how many years I've been obsessed with this. All of it. Take me, stretch me, please me, breed me!"

The last two words slipped out like a feverish prayer. He pulled away from my breasts, digging his fingers into my ass cheeks a little harder.

"What did you say?" Jesse's hard gaze drilled through me.

"I want your baby, brother. Please, Jesse. Just you and I and a little piece of us together. Forever."

He didn't answer me. Not with words.

My feet slipped off the ground as he threw me over his shoulder, carrying me one room deeper into the aqua blue splendor that awaited.

I smiled. There, in this modern cave, I knew he'd ravage me, pouring his soul into mine and lighting us both on fire.

Tonight, lust promised to scorch our old lives to cinders. And when we got up, I'd have my beloved brother's essence nestled deep inside me, stretching my belly and my heart with new love and raging desires for the next nine months.

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Big Brother's Breeding Match (Nicole Snow) pdf, epub, doc

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