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A humor/science fiction/zombie apocalypse series

Book 4 Excerpt

The group near us out of the picture (but impressively still screaming and burning a little), two regiments of about a half dozen WWF agents a piece were heading toward Chubbs and me.

Now, the very good part was they were also heading away from Karla's Ladies. And as I looked over, she seemed to be edging her away toward being able to flank a couple agents who were lobbing smoke grenades into the truck docks.

But, to be clear, the very bad part was that— as I mentioned— they were heading toward us.

So— Good: not killing Karla et al.

Bad: they were coming to kill us.

In the end, a wash, I suppose.

Unless, of course, we could stop them from killing us. And Chubbs and me were all for that.

"Let's go, let's go!" Chubbs said, his eyes darting from me laying in the dirt, then back toward the rush of attackers, then back to me. "Grab a hold and I'll pull ya, Hal. We got about twenty-five feet, we can make it."

Whoa, I was so tired— and everything felt like waking up from a dream. As if my mind had drifted away and now slowly drizzled back through a hole at the top of my head like it'd been pulverized into some sort of brain batter.


Chubbs was great, pulling me along as I held tight to his Octx. My eyes were beginning to uncross a little— a good thing— but as they did I saw a line of black uniforms, all emblazoned with that hateful, little panda symbol.

The WWF agents were closing in fast.

And with Chubbs pulling me, how the hell could he fight off a dozen of these guys at the same time?

Surprisingly, being dragged across the rocks and dirt didn't really hurt, or feel like anything at all, actually. Not so bad. Nice little ride.

Then, I looked up and caught a glimpse of my friend's face and saw he was panicked. Protecting me, he was risking his life.


Then, as if lifting through the fog in my skull, I remembered.

"My grenades!"

Digging into the knapsack, which was now bumping along, hanging off my right elbow, I reached in and pulled one out... one good throw and—

"Damn," I said, slurring a little. "I only got the pin. Well, that's not going to hurt anybody."

Chubbs stopped pulling, and his head snapped back.

He said: "What'd you just say?"

* * *

50 SHADES OF GRAY MATTER (The Swordsman Series) is parody, using the elemental themes of the popular EL James series and combining them with the impending zombie Apocalypse.

As the narrator has, in point of fact, been infected by the ZBF (zombie bird flu) and is gradually turning to join the undead race, each Book will be novelette length— around 10000 words.

(PDF, EPUB) 50 Shades of Gray Matter (Pat Connid) online second edition

50 Shades of Gray Matter (Pat Connid) pdf, epub, doc

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