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Risking It All by Anna J. Evans
Catalina and Anthony are best friends and coworkers at Fantasies Unlimited where they act as fantasy dates helping their clients live out their most secret desires. But when Catalina hits a rough patch in her personal life, Anthony suggests he plan her a fantasy night she'll never forget.

His secret plan? To seduce her into sharing not just a night, but all the nights in her foreseeable future with him and his lover Chris. So Catalina thinks he's gay not bisexual, is nearly fourteen years his senior and has never given the slightest indication that she'd be into a ménage à trois. So what?

Anthony refuses to let anything stand in the way of having the two people he loves in his life and in his bed. And if that means risking it all, so be it.

Reader Advisory: This book contains some male/male sexual content.

Personal Gain by Sapphire Blue
Rewriting a "Find True Love" spell to make it a "Find Great Sex" spell is the answer to Zina Matthews' problems. She's been so busy working and building her career that she's totally neglected her sexual needs. The spell will change everything.

Paolo Citriani was not what Zina asked for, but he is the naked man standing in her living room ready to do her bidding. Even a fourteen-year age difference can't keep her from experiencing all Paolo has to give. . .at least for the twenty-four hours the spell lasts!

Teaching Molly by Desiree Holt
Molly Gerard is facing her mid-forties divorced, unfulfilled and wondering if the things she reads in her erotic romances could actually happen to her. When she meets Nick Trajan, the first thing that comes to mind is wow! The second is the recognition of the ten-year difference in their ages. When she accepts an invitation to spend the night with him, she wonders how she'll compare with younger women, but the night is so erotically satisfying she tries to push the thought from her mind.

Nick is immediately taken with this lush, mature woman whose appearance belies her inexperience. He wants more than just the one night with her, but Nick lives the D/s lifestyle to its fullest. When he introduces Molly to it, will she run?

Thief's Surrender by Alexis Canto
Ranch owner Shepherd has no idea why Mikaela, his new stable hand, looks as if she's hiding something. What he does know is that he can't keep his hands off her.

When Mikaela plunges headlong into a steamy entanglement with the sexy young wrangler, she knows she has to act quickly before she loses her nerve. She's about to steal a lot of horses from him and she's falling for him fast. Whenever rancher and thief collide, blistering sex is the result.

Can Mikaela convince Shepherd she has a damn good reason for stealing his horses? Or is her weakness for his hot body a ticket to disaster?

Unbreakable by Amarinda Jones
India Blake is forty-three years old and in lust with her lecturer. She is well aware of the age difference between them. But a woman can look, wonder and dream.

Age is not an issue for Dashiel Lombard. He has had his eye on India since she joined his class. He knows the sexy redhead isn't the slightest bit interested in learning. But he has a thing or two he plans to teach her outside the classroom.

Reader Advisory: Contains a scene of male/female/male sexual contact.

Fiddler on the Woof Blayne Edwards
For Aubrey Upton, pushing forty isn't a problem. She's pretty much done and seen it all. And though the quirky professor still feels nineteen deep down, she's well past the age of fairytale romances and puppy love.

Until Professor Joseph Bolinger, the hottest puppy she's ever seen, walks into her life. Joseph, the twenty-four-year-old musical prodigy and wolf/human hybrid, finds most women his age think and act like he did when he was nine. Perky or not, twenty-year-old females are intellectually flat. Boring. Hardly mature enough to handle dating outside their species.

But Aubrey… It's about much more than the intellectual "fit". Her scent, her touch, drive the big bad wolf inside him to want to take her down, permanently, preferably with him on top.

Note: This stand-alone story is set in the same world as Caine.

Warning: This book contains Adult and sexually explicit material. Adults only.

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Age And Experience (Anna J. Evans) pdf, epub, doc

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