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I remember watching the TV series back in the day and being taken with all the reality-bending "Is he crazy, or is the world a dream?" stuff, but with MTV's inconsistent scheduling I had a hard time keeping track of the overall plot and never managed to see the conclusion (assuming it had one). So now that original comic is being reissued, I've decided to check it out.

The plot is just as fucked up as I recall. There's a homeless guy who thinks that he's from an alternate reality that he calls the Outback (though it resembles the Serengeti more than anything). In our world he's helped by a social worker whom he believes is the Jungle Queen of his world, and he's trying to save her from an evil magician who wants to kill her. The magician is aided by creatures from the Outback called the Isz, which he's corrupted into evil beings that do his bidding, and which appear as ordinary humans to other denizens of our world.

How much of this is real and how much the delusion of a crazy homeless guy? Don't expect an answer for another ten volumes or so!

One thing that I was taken aback by is the amount of misogynistic violence in the story. The magician wants to rape the social worker (who's implied to have been raped before) and mutilates another woman, leaving her for her boyfriend to stumble over. Kieth tries to present things from a feminist perspective, with direct references to Camille Paglia and Gloria Steinem, and the social worker delivering a take-that speech to the magician about how he uses sexual violence to make up for his own inadequacy, but ultimately it feels as though Kieth wants to have it both ways — using sensationalistic violence against women to make his story dark and gritty, while at the same time taking the moral high ground against such things.

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The Maxx (Sam Kieth) pdf, epub, doc

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