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Not what I expected.

I found this one-shot single issue comic book in my local comic book store and since I noticed that indeed was one shot story, so I thought: "What the heck, why not? It's not like one more comic book will ruin my finances."


Writer: Margueritte Bennett

Illustrators: Emanuela Lupachino, Meghan Hetrick, IG Guara & Diogenes Neves

Special participation: Kenneth Rocafort, doing the cover art.


Some wounds don't leave scars.

It's not a bad story but definitely not what I expected or even hope to be. I thought that a good story using Lois Lane alone without the support of Superman, should be something down to earth, something quite fitting in the realistic side of an universe where exist flying men. Metropolis isn't only supervillains and sci-fi stuff, it's a city with elements quite similar like any other city, real or fictional, and I hoped that this could be a story about a day in the life of Lois Lane doing her investigative journalist job in a topic related to something realistic.

Sadly, wasn't the case, since the whole deal is about a new drug which is causing problems in the city, but it's a drug provoking mutations, which even that, isn't that original since there was something quite similar in the animated TV series of Batman Beyond and I can mention another similar thing from a competitor comic book company to DC Comics, but I suppose that I could spoil a bit doing that.

Even Superman has an apparition, brief, without even dialogue, but why did they need to put him in this comic that should be only for Lois Lane? And hey, I am huge fan of Superman, but he has already too much titles and TPBs, I think that one single comic book issue featuring only Lois wasn't too much to ask.

...I suppose that everyone is a bit blind about family.

There is a great family angle, presenting the sibling relationship of Lois with her sister, Lucy, and how was their childhood when her mother still was alive and also commenting how was to live with their father, before and after of the demise of their mom. That was certainly what made me satisfied of having bought the comic book.

And even it was great to see Lois working throught her leads, showing the wide range of contacts and types of informants that she needs to use to do her job as reporter.

The story is well written with remarkable sentences, so it was after all a good investment.

No, every wound leaves a scar, not everything is beheld at a glance.

However, I still think that they didn't need to put sci-fi stuff in a Lois Lane story to make it "interesting" to the average buyer of this particular comic book.

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