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Warning:Tammy drops the f-bomb

You gotta hand it to Anne Stuart.She has found a formula for each of the two types of books she writes - historical romances and contemporary romantic-suspense, and follows each of them.To. The. Letter.

Moonrise is the latter formula. It's like there's a master checklist AS follows each time she writes one.If I had to guess, I'd say it goes something like this:

1. Heroine: naive, virginal, malleable, mostly two-dimensional, sometimes humourless, virtually always having kept a secret torch for Hero for years.In this book the heroine was a little more likable than I usually find AS' to be - she was coming in to her own and finally realizing how manipulated she had been by her dead father.

2. Hero:tough, lone wolf, stone-cold killer/spy/black ops/you-name-it, chiseled, ageless, timeless, questioning his humanity and usually convinced he is unredeemable.He has known the heroine forever, constantly weighing whether to kill her or fuck her, and has probably done or tried the second at some point years ago;

3. The story:some tragedy - parent/brother/best friend/spouse dies and heroine is left to figure out what happened, or talk to the Hero, who is usually the last one to have seen the deceased, oris completely clueless to some big secret she is holding until the bad guys descend.

4. Many attempts on lives follow, including Hero again wrestling with his huge existential dilemma - kill her or fuck her?Fuck her, then kill her?Poor guy.Endlessly gazing at the back of her neck, behind her ear - break her neck or shoot her? Bodies pile up everywhere.

5. "We're going to die so what the fuck" sex happens, usually followed by some tears and heroine's epiphany that she's in love with Hero.Hero has a similar eureka moment, although his is more confusion about why his cock and his trigger finger seem to be connected.Kill her, fuck her, fuck her, kill her.

6. More intrigue, terror and passion (thanks to the synopsis for this) now, followed by the inevitable double betrayal- big, big secret kept by the Hero from the heroine, and both of them sandbagged by the identity of the actual bad guy.Hero has usually determined a solution to his existential argument by this point - he won't have to do either because the heroine will leave him after his big lie.She never does, of course, he makes her feel SAFE.Hero chooses the "fuck her" option and after the best sex of his life ends solves his dilemma for good.

7. Bad guy dispatched after a narrow escape by Hero and heroine, who then head off into the sunset as the screen fades to black.

Formula aside, after a bit of a slow start Moonrise was pretty good.Nothing new or earthshaking in it, but it was fast-paced and full of action, with a bad guy that wasn't really obvious until the big reveal. It was like reading an action movie - it kept my butt planted squarely in my chair from about page 50 until I was finished.:D

3.5 stars

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Moonrise (Anne Stuart) pdf, epub, doc

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