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Farber's detailed description of the ecological plunder of Central America and the US policies that made it possible provides valuable insight into a deadly war being waged between the vast majority of humanity and a minority of wealthy businesspeople and politicians. Farber describes in meticulous detail how US military support, political legitimization, and, in many cases, direct intervention helped to orchestrate the plunder of Central America's people and environment for more than half a century now. He also describes how indigenous peoples, displaced peasants, and other oppressed people rose up and resisted the ruthless exploitation of their physical and social communities. In some cases, these popular mobilizations managed to entirely depose corrupt regimes that were clients of the US empire, while in others, they were at least able to force concessions and negotiations from the ruling powers. In virtually every case, the struggles are continuing, as valuable forests and other ecological resources are appropriated by powerful transnational corporations interested primarily in maximizing their profitability. Farber's main conclusion, that US policy is the primary obstacle to movements trying to halt the human rights abuses and ongoing ecological degradation in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize, as in other parts of Latin America and the world, and establish a new social order based on fairness, justice, and respect for human rights, is supported by abundant evidence and analysis. Using a variety of sources, Farber demonstrates that US militarization in the region has empowered right-wing death squads and paramilitary forces while simultaneously leading to widespread deforestation and ecosystem degradation through both massive numbers of displaced peasants and indigenous communities and widespread bombing and defoliation campaigns while the particular forms of economic development imposed on nations in the region by US trade policies and US-led international financial institutions have largely failed to benefit much of the region's populations, and instead exacerbated social inequalities and the unsustainable exploitation of vital ecosystem services. He concludes by highlighting the need for international solidarity and coordination between the environmental, labor, and human rights movements in the US and throughout Central America. As the Obama administration's support for the recent military coup in Honduras and the ongoing escalation of Colombia's decades-old civil war indicate, US policies detrimental to the ecology and people of Latin America have continued over the 17 years since Farber's book was published, and have been intensified by the redeclaration of a "global war on terror" in the wake of the 11 September attacks in New York and Washington. The need is now as strong as ever for a powerful, globally united movement against those who would sacrifice human lives and the planet's future just to boost their profits.

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Environment Under Fire (Daniel Faber) pdf, epub, doc

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