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I have told the story of my menopause here, the hot flushes, the depression, the confusion, the changes in body shape, the decline of my confidence and my self-esteem. I've recounted the occasions where I thought I was lost with no hope of feeling good about myself again. Having hot flushes affected my self-assurance, becoming indecisive affected my self-belief, my changing body shape and increasing fat levels affected my self-image. My libido lessened to the point of disappearing altogether.
If you want to learn about how your menopause and menopausal symptoms can potentially change you, read this. If you've always been a confident, self-assured, high-flying female, you might find this menopausal account interesting. If you need some reassurance that you're not the only one suffering the symptoms of "The Change", then read on; you'll come to understand that you're most definitely not the only one and far from alone.
In this book, I describe ways I looked for answers to my symptoms of menopause and how I was affected by them. I describe how my self-perception was affected, so much so, that it changed my relationships.
I explain how I found myself embarrassed to be menopausal, especially at work, about how I became embarrassed during power surges (hot flushes) because I worried about perspiration and what I looked like to those around me, or what I thought I looked like. I try to tell how it felt to be so completely different to the woman I was ten years ago and how I can trace back through the years where changes have occurred.
I speak about my biological family, my two sisters who haven't had the type of menopause I have, confirming to me that siblings don't necessarily share the same chemicals. I relate tales from my own mother's time of menopause and realise that I understand what it must have been like for her, and friends the same age as me, who I have known over the years.
Within the story of my personal menopause journey, I've tried to explain how going through the process has made me feel older, at least until I learned that I didn't have to.
I have tried to describe feeling down and depressed, and out of control, how my emotions have got the better of me on so many occasions, without a tangible explanation. It's only through self-development and research into menopause that I've managed to answer so many questions.
I hope that this book will help anyone who is approaching the menopause, or who is perimenopausal (premenopausal) and who is looking for explanations as to why so many changes occur during this time in our lives. I have written my story which is meant to show how vulnerable I became, but how this has led me to creating a business in support of menopausal women, so they have somewhere to go to ask questions, to find solutions and to improve their well-being completely, not only during their menopause, but for life.
It has been therapeutic and pleasurable to have been able to write this book about the way that menopause has altered my life and how I see the coming years as another adventure!

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What Happened - Where Did I Go? (Jacky Lawrence) pdf, epub, doc

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