On Her Majesty's Occult Service (Laundry Files, #1-2) (Charles Stross) pdf, epub, doc

On Her Majesty's Occult Service (Laundry Files, #1-2) ePub and PDF Available
Seriously... this book just earned itself a place in my TOP 5 FAVORITES.I can understand why many people might not care for it, since it meshes so many genres together; but that's exactly why I loved it!I'm so tired of cliched, predictable tales and stock players running their lines.You want something different?Exciting?Hysterical?Read this book.

I mean, we're talking about a hacker geek who gets conscripted into the British SuperBlack Ops group (MI-666?)because he was playing with a code that almost summoned a extra-dimensional monster into London.Whoops!Now working as an IT specialist and sometimes field agent for "The Laundry", Bob Howard runs around with a smartphone complete with a nextgen daughterboard filled with apps that allow him to used applied Non-Euclidean algorithms that access the omniverse and tap into sentient alien life as a proxy to do things like, oh... give him invisibility.And he usually carries a cybernetic Hand Of Glory for protection.


And by "alien life," I mean fun folks like Cthulhu and the rest of the Lovecraft gang.It seems there's been a treaty with the Deep Ones since before WWII, and Innsmouth is now a training ground for Occult Spies.Oh, and the USA has a version of The Laundry called "Black Chamber," who are almost as bad as Human Resources.See that's the other thing; besides being a mash-up of horror/espionage/technology thrills, it's also written with enough humor and absurdity to keep you thoroughly engrossed.I'm talking "Laugh Out Loud" moments here.

Will this book be over 50% of the heads of the people who try and read it?Probably.But 50% will get it, and 25% will love it.There's spy slang, computer terminology, hardcore mathematics, and major Lovecraft references.No, a mean a lot of all of those.But it's woven so well, told so wonderfully, characters so wacky... I absolutely loved it.

Book (PDF, EPUB) On Her Majesty's Occult Service (Laundry Files, #1-2) (Charles Stross) second edition

On Her Majesty's Occult Service (Laundry Files, #1-2) (Charles Stross) pdf, epub, doc

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