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It was a time of war and destruction. A time when darkness ruled the heart of many. A time when a group called the Elementals ruled. This group was born human, but at fifteen when they came of age a power was awaken inside of them. The power of fire, water, earth, or air. At one time when the Elementals first came into existence they were seen as protectors of the human race, the mediators of power between the humans and the other magical beings that lived on our world. Without them the Fae and Witches would declare war on one another and the humans would be the ones to pay the highest price, for they were the only ones not gifted with magical abilities.

As the years went by and generation after generation of Elementals were born the power that was suppose to be used to protect turned into one of pure destruction. They saw themselves as gods instead of gifted humans. They used their abilities to not only force the humans they had sworn to protect to worship them, but also the witches and wizards. Finally, their destruction and power became to much for the three groups to bare. The three groups banded together to fight against the Elementals, to end their reign and destroy them for good.

One by one the families were destroyed, the gifts of the Elementals dying with them, until only one Elemental remained. The one Elemental that remained was a child. This Elemental had been taken in by a rogue witch. The witch knew that it was only a matter of time before he and the child were found. As he looked at the girl a pain shot through him. This was a baby, not a killer. He had taken her in and raised her as his own. He knew that no matter what he couldn't let anything happen to her. One night he sensed that their time was coming to a close. As the witch looked at the child a smile spread across his face. This one would not be like the others. She would be strong and pure. He knew that she would not help destroy or conquer.

As he looked at her he knew that there was only one thing he could do for her. He could not save himself, but he could save this girl from the destruction and hatred that was at that moment surrounding them. He knew that if he did this his powers would be depleted and he would die, but he also knew that he had no choice. As he looked at the child he knew that this was the Elemental of the prophecy. He knew that the prophecy must come to pass if not then their world would never have peace again. Never would they step out of the darkness and into the light that was once their beautiful world. The witch closed his eyes and with all the power that was within him he gave his life for the greater good. He said his last incantation before the house they were in was consumed by flames.

Download PDF ebook (PDF, EPUB) Thief's Fire (The Fire Trilogy, #1) (J.L. Hackett)

Thief's Fire (The Fire Trilogy, #1) (J.L. Hackett) pdf, epub, doc

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