The Banshee's Embrace Trilogy Boxed Set (Bundle). A Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy (Victoria Richards) pdf, epub, doc

The Banshee's Embrace Trilogy Boxed Set (Bundle). A Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy ePub and PDF Available
This is the Boxed Set (or bundle) of The Banshee's Embrace trilogy, a paranormal romance urban fantasy.

It contains the following 3 books- At a special, reduced Boxed-Set price!

The Banshee's Embrace -
The Banshee's Desire-
The Banshee's Revenge -

In The Banshee's Embrace trilogy we are introduced to Jacqueline Houston whose husband was killed by evil wizards. During the attack she was mortally wounded, but her husband used his dying breath to saved her life at the last moment- with magic. But something unexpected happened that turned Jacqueline into a half banshee; a woman of Celtic decent able to see death and help those who have died cross over to the other side. In book 1 she is introduced to Toby Williams, a wizard. Attraction and sparks fly, but an evil wizard clan seeks to capture Jacqueline for their own use as a powerful weapon.

In book 2, The Banshee's Desire, Jacqueline must come to grips with her enormous powers, and use them only to help those in need of crossing over. Human temptation overcomes her as she reaps the souls of those whose time has not yet come.

In the final book or this paranormal romance trilogy, The Banshee's Revenge, Jacqueline is on a rampage, out for vengeance to destroy the wizards who have tried to kill those close to her. The one she wants most, the evil leader of The Brotherhood is an ancient wizard who wants to see Jacqueline dead. Toby wants her back in his arms, safe from herself and the evil around her; but how will he accomplish this when her powers are beyond anyone's control? His answer comes in the form of the Celtic goddess, Morrigan who visits him and proposes a plan, but one of great risk. In book 3 we learn some shocking truths about Jacqueline and where her powers originate from.But can Toby save her? Will Jacqueline destroy herself and those around her?

This series leads us down a path of mystery, enchantment and romance, and keeps us guessing right up until the very end!

If you're someone who enjoys an entertaining paranormal romance series, filled with love, mystery, sex, magic and the unknown- this is a story you won't want to miss!

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