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This is a good book for anyone 8 years or older, who love to read about dogs. I found it to be fun to read, however the present tense format, in which it is told, took a little getting used to as not too many books are written this way.
When I first started reading this book, I felt sure that it would only receive a two star rating from me as I really disliked the dog's attitude. However I began enjoying it by the time K10 is in the shelter and really began liking it once he escapes the shelter and the adventure begins. I especially like how the dog's point of view on humans and attitude changes by the end.
In this book K10 tells the story from his point of view, which I really loved because I am a huge fan of animal point of view stories. The author writes in a way that makes the dog feel very realistic and the reasons for the way he sees humans feels valid as it is easy to see how these things would effect a real dog in the same way. However, with everything I liked about the book, there were some things I really disliked. What I disliked most about this book was that it contains a few breed myths that kids might believe as facts if they don't know otherwise before reading.
According to K10, all Poodles are stuck up, which most, especially rescue ones, are not, and the Chihuahua in this book is all nervous and shaky. While it is possible that this is because he is in an animal shelter and is scared of what will happen to him, no mention of this is ever made and no other dog is mentioned as being this way. This leads me to think that the author believes that Chihuahua breed of dog is always like this as this is how they are almost always represented, but in reality, normal, and well trained and socialized Chihuahua's do not shake 24/7.
It seems that while facts such as the ones about animal shelters, human behavior, and dog behavior are correct and possibly well researched, the author got breed facts from media containing the common myths that people believe to be facts rather than true breed research such as meeting breeders, a variety of breeder and rescue dogs of these breeds, or talking with reputable dog trainers. Since both these breeds are very common for both breeders and rescue centers, I think that especially for a book geared towards young and impressionable readers, the author should have made sure to use facts over myths in the book.
Thanks to media, such as books like these, when I was young I believed most dog myths until I got the chance to meet and own some of the breeds at which time I learned otherwise.
One true fact that I was glad to see the author put into this book, though not stated as a fact, was that dogs don't only see in black and white, but some color as well. The author makes mention of one of these colors when K10 tells the reader he can see blue on a car. I feel the author deserves creditfor doing this when most other authors are still writing the aforementioned myth as if it were true even while it's been many years since science learned otherwise.
Because I really did enjoy this book, if all facts had been correct, in the end I would have given it four stars.

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A Dog on His Own (Mary Jane Auch) pdf, epub, doc

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