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This short book is a collection of essays dealing with the supposed conflict between science and religion.Though I myself, am not a scientist, I have always been fascinated by science and the discovery of the world around me.I have never felt that there was a conflict between science and religion but there are certainly those who do.This book wasn't necessarily written to refute those who see conflict, but rather to share some thoughts on science and religion from a man who believes strongly in both.

Here were a few of my favorite quotes:

"Here is the spirit of true religion, and honest seeking after knowledge of all things of heaven and earth." - P.3

"Perhaps the believer never does more disservice to religion than to support the truth with bad arguments" - P.10

"Since the Gospel embraces all truth, there can never be any genuine contradictions between true science and true religion." - P.12

"There are two ways of drawing nearer to Him: first, through the intellectual contemplation of God's handiwork: second, through spiritual communion with the Creator in which we gain direct experience of His presence.The Latter-day Saint who lives up to his opportunities will do both." - P.16

"A prophet is wonderful because he sometimes speaks for the Lord.This occurs on certain occasions when the Lord wills it.On other occasions, he speaks for himself, and one of the wonderful doctrines of this Church is that we don't believe in the infallibility of any mortal....The Gospel is not the people in the Church.The Gospel is not even the people who direct it.The Gospel is the truth." - P.23

"The known radius of the universe in miles is even bigger than the national debt." - P.24 (This one just amused me considering the huge debt debate in Congress.)

"In a very real sense, then, the universe is like a clock which has been wound upIf it is self-winding, it is unique in scientific experience." - P.29

"Some have asked me: 'Is there any conflict between science and religion?' There is no conflict in the mind of God, but often there is conflict in the minds of men.Through the eternities, we are going to get close and closer to understanding the mind of God, then the conflicts will disappear." .P.43-44

"God is so gentle, so dedicated to the principle that men should be taught correct principles and then govern themselves, that they should take responsibility for their own mistakes, that His children can actually question whether He exists." P.44

In the end, I would definitely recommend this book to those who see an apparent conflict between science and religion or for those who simply want to understand better how the two come together.

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