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The description on this book hooked me, but unfortunately, the story didn't deliver on the premise quite as strongly. When reviewing YA titles, my primary complaint is usually with weak side characters surrounding an interesting main character. This is the first story where I had the exact opposite problem. For once the other characters felt more fleshed out and real then the main character Eli.

Eli's family and friends are going through major life changes. His uncle is returning form Iraq missing an arm. His best friend is planning on leaving the band to pursue college and a real job. His girlfriend is working herself ragged and hiding an eating disorder. (Though not very well, but I'll get to this is a moment.) His other friend at school has just become the latest victim of gay bashing, and his band teacher has a bit of a problem with downloading porn at work. All of these people have interesting problems, and in search of an issue. Having nothing better to go with, he develops a psychosomatic condition in his hand, mimicking phantom pains from his uncle's missing arm.

Which sounds like he's bonding or something, except Eli doesn't talk to his uncle, or to his mom, or his friends. Eli exists in his own little world where the only channel is MeTV 24/7. It wouldn't have been that hard for him to notice his girlfriend's eating disorder, since his best friend practically tells him about it outright. But he ignore is, just like he ignore his other friend being attacked in the parking lot. Said friend ends up in the hospital, but Eli couldn't be bothered to check on him. Cause he was busy thinking about his hand, I guess.

When reading a story of this type of tragedy it helps if the character has at least one redeeming trait, but I'd be hard pressed to find anything to like about Eli. I would have much rather followed the story from anyone else's perspective to learn more about them, because Eli is the least interesting perspective in my opinion.

The writing is solid, and readers looking for a cautionary YA tale with a male protagonist will probably find this worth their time. But I never got into the main character, so his problems came across as extremely petty compared to everyone else he knows. I give Rock Gods and Scary Monsters 2.5 stars.

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Rock Gods and Scary Monsters (Aaron Polson) pdf, epub, doc

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