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This is a graphic novel compilation of novels 4-6 in the Legends of Drizzt series.Just as in the first one, the art is great, but some of the font is small and difficult to read.
However, it had more of a D&D feel with random fights, good battles, and unlikely companions.I can almost hear the dice rattling in my head.

This is a mixture of my reactions and a review

The Chrystal Shard
- The demon named Errtu wants a green Crystal Shard that was discovered by Akar, a weak mage.Together, they hope to take over Ten-Towns.
- Regis is a halfling living in Ten-Towns, and has a red crystal that helps persuade people to do his will.He is able to convince the towns' Council to band together when they're forewarned by Drizzt and Buenor of a barbarian attack.
-young barbarian named Wulfgar is taken in by Buenar.The elf forges him a war hammer with great power.It was really great to see Wulfgar train under Drizzt.
- Because Regis has taken advantage of the power the crystal he has, the Council doesn't trust him when they're told of Akar's orcs and goblins coming to take over. Unfortunately, it's almost too late when they band together again.
- There was a great battle and I enjoyed the end.

Steams of Silver
- Bruenor goes to find Mithral Hall with Drizzt, Wulfgar and Regis.Unfortunately, it's also where a shadow dragon named Shimmergloom resides.
- REgis is running from Artemis, an assassin from his home town.Artemis threatens Cattie-brie (Bruenor's adopted human daughter) when looking for Regis.
- Dendybar the Mottled is looking for Drizzt.He knew Akar and of the crystal the mage had found, and knows Drizzt is the last being to have seen the green crystal.Dendybar and Artemis join together, and Cattie-brie is taken hostage in the middle of her journey to warn the companions of the assassin.
- I like the random bad (and goodish) things the companions come in contact with along the way to the dwarven stronghold to look for clues of Mithral Hall.
- It was sad to see that, even in accepting towns, drow are rejected.
- The colour helped a LOT with the story.
- drizzt's trust goes too far.I also can't believe Bruenor is dead.Despite that, the end made me chuckle.

The Halfling's Gem
- Wulfgar and Drizzt go to the Twoer of Twilight to get help finding Artemis, whi has Regis and Guenhwyvar.
- It was nice to see Drizzt not being feared after he stole the banshee mask, but it was sad at how well he was taken in when they get on a ship.The crew's reaction to the mask though was a pleasant surprise.
- Cattie-brie's outfit was not to my liking.
- The parallels between Drizzt and Artemis are very interesting
- I loved the end.

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Dungeons & Dragons (Andrew Dabb) pdf, epub, doc

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