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U I ERSITY OF CHICAGO IN ANTHROPOLOGY ETHNOLOGICAL SERIES University of Chicago Press - Chicago 37 Cambridge University Press - London Copyright 1945 by The University of Chicago. All rights reserved. Published 1945-Composed and printed by the University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Illinois, U. S. A PUBLISHERS NOTE Mrs. Parsons, at her death in December, 1941, left this monograph in virtually its present form. It was prepared for the press by Mr. John Murra and Senor Anibal Buitron. Drawings were prepared by Mr. Alfred Harris. Miss H. Newell Wardle, of the University of Pennsylvania Museum, studied the material on weaving, supplying both drawings and notes. Most of the photographs were taken by Mr. Bodo Wuth of Quito. Publication was made possible by a gift from the authors children, Mrs. John Kennedy, Mr. John E. Parsons, Mr. Herbert Parsons, and Mr. Mcllvaine Parsons. PREFACE The following information about Indian Ecuador was recorded from February to May, 1940, and from September to November, 1941, while I made the city of Otavalo my headquarters and spent most of the day in Peguche, the near-by Indian settlement. The time spent in Otavalo was not a loss, for it enabled me to observe contacts between the Whites and the Indians and the particular forms of Hispanic culture from which the In dians have borrowed. Through the good offices of Mr. Juan L. Gorrell, a talented and under standing American who has been engaged in business for several years in Quito and who has also farmed land in the Cayambe Valley, I received for over a year after my visit written reports on Cayambe Indian life from a group of school-bred young Indians living in the parish of Juan Montalvo. Mr. Gorrell madecareful translations of their inadequate or dialectical Spanish and passed on to them inquiries suggested by their accounts. Most of this information I have kept separate in the Appendix. Although Cayam be is only twenty miles from Otavalo, to the south, it lies over the divide of the Otavalo Valley drainage and is on or near headwaters of the south easterly Amazonian drainage. Although the Cayambe data are from more sophisticated informants than are the data from Peguche, the Ca yambe picture is in several particulars more like that of Amazonian low land culture. Information about exchange of populations under the In cas is more definite for Cayambe than for Otavalo. All this is good reason for keeping information about the two groups separate, but Cayambe was an invaluable check on Peguche and gave me many leads to follow on my second visit. I have made a point of noting various cultural parallels in Middle Ameri ca and in our Southwest, particularly in ritual, not because I would sug gest direct historical connections, but because only through the accumula tion of such parallels from monograph to monograph can our neglect of the general distribution of ritual elements in American ethnology be advised ly overcome. A great many Spanish or Quechuized Spanish terms are used at Peguche in speaking Quechua, and I have - recorded many of them as possibly of in terest to students of acculturation in language. Rosita Lema, my chief in formant, when she knows no Quechua equivalent for a Spanish term, always thinks of the term and calls it Quechua, which is also an interesting matter. I note her usage by writing Sp.-Q. before the term. Also I have generally IV PREFACE v preserved herpronunciation of Spanish terms. Almost invariably in Span ish sometimes in Quechua she interchanges or uses indifferently the vowel sounds of and e, of o and u. Before terms that I do not recognize as Span ish or corrupt Spanish and do not find in Quechua dictionaries, I place an interrogation mark they may be dialectical Spanish or dialectical Quechua. Quechua as spoken in Peguche is even now undergoing change. Twenty years ago tenian otra voz, they pronounced differently. Mrs. Guy Bullock, wife of the British minister to Ecuador, introduced Mr...

only now (PDF, EPUB) Peuchecanton of Otavalo, Province of Imbaura Ecuador (Elsie Clews Parsons) for free

Peuchecanton of Otavalo, Province of Imbaura Ecuador (Elsie Clews Parsons) pdf, epub, doc

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