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*Rating* 3 stars
*Genre* Urban Fantasy/Horror/Romance


Luna, by Gina Farago, is the sequel to Ivy Cole and the Moon. The last time we’ve read about Ivy Cole, she was running from Doe Springs, North Carolina after making a terrible mess out of things with the local population. She was also responsible for killing a rogue werewolf who had been terrorizing the population for years as well as her own brand of justice to those who deserved punishment for their actions. Unfortunately for Ivy, she became sloppy at disposing of the body’s and got the attention of not only the rogue werewolf, but the local sheriff and her ex-husband Tee.

Five years has since past and Ivy is a mother now to a precocious little bundle of joy named Luna. Luna is a werewolf just like her mother and extremely intelligent. Ivy and Luna return to the US and settle down in a small coastal North Carolina town called Salty Duck. Her problems are far from over.

Luna is different from other werewolves in that she can pretty much shift into her wolf form at will and it doesn’t matter whether there is a full moon or not. She is much more aggressive than Ivy is and subsequently kills an innocent man who was drunk at the time. The first time she meets a certain waiter; she asks her mother if she can eat him not thinking anything is wrong with the question.

Ivy is still being chased by a very disgruntled sheriff named Gloria Hubbard. Hubbard believes, without any evidence to support her theory or claims, that Ivy was to blame for the disappearance of her ex-husband Tee and his faithful dog Rex. Hubbard also blames Ivy for Deputy Melvin's Sanders sudden decision to quit the department and another one of her deputies left dead by Ivy’s hands and teeth.

Melvin, it appears, has somewhat of a problem of his own after Ivy saved his life at the end of Ivy Cole and the Moon. He turns furry during the full moon and he is totally obsessed with Ivy. He has this nagging sensation that Ivy has all the answers and can save him from continuing to be a monster once a month.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, her uncle Stefan Heinrich is approached by the Order of the Lykanthrop who wants not only the bible fittingly named the Lykanthrop that Ivy has been carrying around with her, but Luna as well. They will do almost anything, including kidnapping Luna and killing Ivy to get what they want.

As it so happens, events transpire that make you question who is actually on Ivy’s side and who is working against her. Is the person Ivy ends up falling for, Caleb, really on her side, or is he working against her to take away Luna? Is Melvin actually there to ask for Ivy's help, or does he want to kill her like Hubbard? There's a revealing moment as well when Ivy finds out a thing or two about her transformation into a wolf from her Aunt Pritchard and how she was saved by Stefan after watching her own mother get slaughtered.

The whole situation with Ivy and Melvin is somewhat tied up since it looks like this was the last book in this particular series. It also answers the question as to who is Luna's real.

It’s actually too bad that there doesn’t seem to have been any more books in this series since it has left several important questions unanswered. It seems that Farago was almost too happy to wrap Ivy's story and move on to something else.

In my opinion, the first book was the better than this one in scope and detail and world building. I would definitely recommend that you read Ivy Cole and the Moon first as it has some loose ends that are finally tied up in this book.

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Luna (Gina Farago) pdf, epub, doc

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