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Michael Wittmer has written a book that I believe has great worth even beyond the "Rob Bell/Love Wins" controversy that has taken place this year. In contrast to the vitriol that has been spit by both sides through all of this, Wittmer is humble and gracious throughout, while never compromising conviction. He demonstrates that his conviction is warranted too, I think, by essentially teaching a mini-theology class which teaches the reader how they can come to their own conclusions based on proper interpretive methods.

While this is not an extensive work on the doctrines of "heaven" and "hell," Wittmer responds in kind to each of Rob Bell's assertions. For this reason, every question of every reader on the subject will not be answered satisfactorily. However, the types of questions that Bell encourages his readers to ask are addressed. Wittmer is firm and very critical of most of the path on which Bell wishes to lead his readers, but he is fair enough to praise Bell on certain points when it is warranted.

Wittmer's genius here is in that he stays on topic—every chapter is written in response to a corresponding chapter in Bell's book—he constantly keeps a much larger perspective in view, and that is the perspective of the historical Gospel message. By demonstrating that a rejection of the biblical/historical understanding of hell has dire consequences for a correct understanding of the Gospel, Wittmer does not need to answer every single question that might be raised—although, plenty of writers and thinkers have answered each of these questions in every age of the church.

Here, I reflect with regret on the general attitude of Christians today who are interested in every new idea that comes through the pipes, without first examining history to see if those pipes might not just lead back to a sewer. I believe that a humble examination of Scripture and history will find Wittmer's conclusions and critiques to be fresh, cold water that will help young seeds of orthodox Christian thought to grow. For this reason, I encourage folks interested in the current discussion about hell to pick this book up. Then, prayerfully read the Scripture he sites—do your own humble study on the subject. Finally, read what other men of God have written on the subject throughout the entire history of the church. You will find many of them cited in Wittmer's book, and sadly no citation whatsoever in Bell's. As I have said before, the Holy Spirit is speaking to all believers at all periods in history. We would be wise to listen to their body of work, rather than being blown around by the opinions of one man who fails to give citation to even a single book by a single person which would give credence to his view.

PDF Book (PDF, EPUB) Christ Alone (Michael E. Wittmer)

Christ Alone (Michael E. Wittmer) pdf, epub, doc

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