God Births God in Israel (Daniel Gray) pdf, epub, doc

God Births God in Israel:
And After 2000 Years We Still Can’t Figure out Why He Likes Her?

Thomas Pelham Gross
Daniel and Ann Gray

Copyright Ó 2009 Thomas Pelham Gross
God Births God in Israel: And After 2000 Years We Still Can’t Figure out Why He Likes Her?

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First, About this Writing

This book grew out of my first book “The Jews and the Blues” (2002). It is becoming more critical as the years go by that we get a clearer revelation of how God birthed (and births) God in Israel. Such an understanding enables us to cooperate with God’s covenant-keeping activity toward answering that primary prayer Yeshua gave us of “kingdom come, will be done on earth as in heaven.

Preface: He Likes Her—He Really Does!

Introduction: Entranced into Israel’s God (Ann Gray)

Part One: Getting the Big Picture God-Hearted
Chapter 1: Israel—Fit to be Queen
Chapter 2: Israel’s Good News—Jews to Jews
Chapter 3: Your Brother’s Blood Cries
Chapter 4: Longstanding Land Deal
Chapter 5: Jews and Oh Those Gentiles!
Chapter 6: What Do You Do About the Jew?
Chapter 7: You Missed the Boat
Chapter 8: That Mighty Gentile Titanic Church
Chapter 9: Destination: Away from Israel!
Chapter 10: Into a Storm Dead Ahead
Chapter 11: Miracles Going the Wrong Way?

Part Two: God Birthed God in Israel
Chapter 12: His Feet WILL Stand There
Chapter 13: A New Wineskin Stretcher
Chapter 14: This Is Woman!
Chapter 15: Israel as God’s Bridal Suite
Chapter 16: God as Husband—God as Wife
Chapter 17: Israel as God’s Wife
Chapter 18: Coming Out of the Male Box
Chapter 19: WW III Around a Pregnant Woman
Chapter 20: Clump Change
Chapter 21: Contractions (as “in Labor”)
Chapter 22: Nation Regeneration
Chapter 23: Please Do—Let Love on Through!
Chapter 24: Let Jerusalem Come Into Your Mind
Chapter 25: I Need to Bring Them
Chapter 26: The Gentile Wild-Child

Preface: He Likes Her—He Really Does!

The world has yet to get the message of where the John 3:16 message was lived out. God so loved the world that he gave his only biological Son to be born into the world in Israel through the womb of an Israeli(te) woman—to grow up there as a Jew, to suffer and die there as a Jew for the sins of Israel and the world, to be buried and resurrected there as a Jew, to ascend to heaven as a resurrected Jew to take care of business in heaven so he can come back to Israel as a resurrected Jew and fulfill his born-destiny as Messiah-King of the Jews and rule the world from Israel.

The obvious fact of the world’s careless ignorance is not a mere ancient-geological misdemeanor as it might first appear. No.

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God Births God in Israel (Daniel Gray) pdf, epub, doc

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