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This tale follows a “missing year” in the DC Universe after the groundbreaking “Infinite Crisis” story (see my review for that one) which was one of the bestselling graphic novels for the 2006 year. Note that "Final Crisis" follows after this and was published in 2009.

52 asks the questions who takes the role of the most popular superheroes (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) when they step down from their roles? There are a list of vying superheroes trying to make a name for themselves but everybody especially feels the lack of Superman in Metropolis. Meanwhile, it should be no surprise that the aftershocks of Final Crisis are far from resolved. Expect old and new villains, as well as some villains who have not been seen in some time.

Each chapter has a page of commentary from the writers and artists as well as a page or half page of script. The back has various art covers.

The writing team has to produce 52 issues in 52 weeks! That must have been intense. That writing team was: Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, Keith Giffen, Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns. Artwork and such by (listing only some of them): Joe Bennett, Chris Batista and Ruy Jose.

Note that this series comes in four volumes.


In this volume we are introduced to a superhero from the future, Booster Gold, who plans to become the new Superman of Metropolis. He is assisted by a golden flying robot named Skeets. When the Big Three don't show up for a funeral for Superboy Booster Gold is unusually angry. Meanwhile, in the make believe nation of Khandaq Black Adam imposes his dictatorship. Ralph Dibny mourns his dead wife and can't let go. Detective Renee Montoya of Gotham meets a faceless man and a mad scientist is at large (can you guess who?). John Henry denies his niece a suit of powerful armor which drives her away.

There's a merging with the Justice Society of America so some of the Old School superheroes show up with their own stories.

Lex Luthor talks of creating his own superheroes. And at the Chinese border the Green Lanterns and other superheroes are going up against hostile Asian superheroes who have long resented the power held by America and have recently come into their own powers. Hey, you mean graphic novels can talk about our own times? Who would have thought it with some of the prejudices I have found towards the genre. Heh.

My least favorite storyline was the one dealing with the three superheroes trying to return from being lost in space and no I'm not talking about the movie or old TV series.

ARTWORK PRESENTATION: B to B plus; STORY/PLOTTING: B plus;CHARACTERS/DIALOGUE: B; DC MYTHOLOGY: B plus to A minus; ACTION SCENES: B to B plus; OVERALL GRADE: B plus; WHEN READ: end of September to early October 2012.

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