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I received an ARC from the author in exchange of an honest review.

I HATE THE COVERS SO MUCH!!! ... Now that that's out of the way...

Arianna (love the name) is a language expert working for the CIA. Her current task is listen to a Russian arms dealer’s calls and transcript them, but she can’t concentrate on anything but his sexy voice. She doesn’t know a thing about him, only his name, Luka. Arianna wants to prove herself as a field agent but she wasn’t given the chance up until the opportunity comes to spy on Luka himself. For this she’ll have to get close to the enemy and try to leave her attraction for him on the side.

I really liked this book, it has that something that makes it really fun to read but it didn’t blew me away. First of, I’m going to write only one review for the three parts of the story because it’s easier to consider it as a whole and because I read them all together so there isn’t much of a separation for me.
I don’t want to spoil anything so I’m gonna write some things I liked and disliked but I’m not getting into the details.

-I liked the fact that she had something happened to her and we didn’t know what it was but it had affected her whole life so we wanted to know. I would have liked for it to be a bit more explored. I would’ve wanted to read more about her life with her family when she was younger, and the things she used to do. We get mentions about it but never a full chapter or anything like that.And also, it bother me a little that she mentioned it so many times before explaining it. It would’ve been more intriguing if she only mentioned it once or twice and the reader was left wondering until maybe when she had the episode on the car or something,

-Oh god did I love Luka when he was all sweet and tender. I love how he treated her and that he believed she was his salvation. Although I didn’t like his need to control her decisions and to tell her what to though even though he knew it was what she wanted. Personally I don’t feel attracted to that kind of men.

- I loved, loved, loved when Arianna had internal monologues or when she was talking to herself. So funny.

-At times I felt like the book was going waaaaay too fast and I felt a bit dizzy if that makes any sense (?). I really liked the sharp endings of the chapters but I got tired of them on every chapter. Again if it was more subtle it would have been better.

All and all it was a pretty entertaining and fun book to read. Also H-O-T because c'mon, who wouldn't want a Luka in her life? I know I would.

Really fast paced and good writing style in my opinion, I didn't have problems with that. I recommend this book if you are into New adult type of read. Some pretty descriptive sex scenes in there so be aware.

And last, thanks to Helena for the ARC and sorry for the delay but college is in the way!

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Betrayed (Undercover #3) (Helena Newbury) pdf, epub, doc

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