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Christine de Pizan's backstory is very impressive.She was one of the world's earliest and bravest examples of people who challenged the patriarchal domination that has reigned throughout most of history—a reign which really cannot be overemphasized enough, despite the manner in which these terms ("patriarchal," etc) tend to seemingly become stale and conceptually inert in the mouths of irritating, intellectually lazy and/or knee-jerk reactionary college students.Twentieth century feminist figure Simone DeBeauvoir spoke of Pizan's writing and supreme 14th century boldness as "the first time we see a woman take up her pen in defense of her sex."

Madame Pizan's life and writing culminate as a clear window to peer through at the often painfully slow, difficult and gradualist ways in which socio-cultural phenomena evolve in general—women's rights and feminist philosophy being examples par excellence.She clearly stepped outside of the historically determined role set aside for women in her spatio-temporal locale, and in doing so represented an instance of what could be thought of as cultural punctuated equilibrium—a spike of activity on the heart rate monitor of history, which charts the gradual and hard-fought and hard-won trajectory of the overall human project to enact deeper ranges of and wider subscriptions to maximally effective modes of gender equality.

She was a bit of a polymath with regard to her intellectual pursuits.She acted as a physician, an astrologer (to the King), and a local political figure.She also, obviously, was a writer (of both fiction and non-fiction) and a poet.Her most famous work ( The Book of the City of Ladies ) is an allegorical tale with clear feminist implications and a strong opposition to the misogyny pervading nearly every area of life in Medieval Europe.

(An illustration from The Book of the City of Ladies.)

Her novel is a better read on the whole than this monograph on politics, but both are very interesting as slices of deeply important history which should not be overlooked or taken for granted.The notion of a self-educated woman in the 1300s openly challenging such deeply sanctioned social traditions makes for a very compelling subject to meditate on, even if the writing itself could be polished up (like most writing from so long ago).

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