One Piece, Volume 53 (One Piece, #53) (Eiichiro Oda) pdf, epub, doc

One Piece, Volume 53 (One Piece, #53) ePub and PDF Available
Again, I do not intend on reviewing One Piece, seeing as if I've read 53 volumes of this already, that mostly means I love the series and am still following it. This is just my notes. As usual.

That said, I rate this not as high as I normally would with the rest of the series because I was not exactly a fan of the Amazon Lily arc. It was cute, funny, somewhat informative, and—for those of us who revel in the appearance of badass female characters in a male-dominated manga—female warrior princess-filled. The problem is that I'm not a big fan of Boa Hancock and the majority of her Amazons. Yes, they are strong, and yes, more than most of them are supremely competent. I suppose this comes from my eagerness to find out what Luffy was going to do now to find his nakama. And then there was the underlying matter with Ace, too, but yeah.

- The Amazon Lily arc does do a few things, however. The volume gives insight to the human and fish-man slave market, and how the victims have coped with it. Even though I'm not overly fond of Boa, I do admit that she is very strong in her own way, and come on, the fact that she can trounce men (in the volume and in later volumes) is plus points in my book.

- The bit with the family jewels was pretty funny. It was doubly hilarious in the anime, obviously.

- Luffy breaks the male statistics by being one of the very few people who are not at all enraptured by Boa's beauty or Devil's Fruit ability. This might be a reason why Boa ends up taking a great liking to him later on. (Admittedly, I find this an interesting development, considering Oda has admitted that Luffy is a "healthy male", and it has shown that he finds at least one woman attractive—Nami, in particular—but anyway, this can be just my over-romantic imagination).

- Haoshoku/Conquerer's Haki is mentioned and shown in this volume, with surprised Amazons all around. Go Luffy!

- Luffy realizes the danger that Ace is in and decides that rescuing his brother takes priority. He asks Boa for a ship, which she readily agrees.

(PDF, EPUB) One Piece, Volume 53 (One Piece, #53) (Eiichiro Oda) online (PDF) free book download

One Piece, Volume 53 (One Piece, #53) (Eiichiro Oda) pdf, epub, doc

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