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Your most powerful ability as a human being is your ability to choose. And if you want to have “best results,” you need to make great choices based on both the head and the heart. (Being)ZOOM is a masterwork on human results that teaches that great results happen from the inside out . . . and that results are directly related to how well we are able to choose. Yet, few of us are trained how to make best choices. We often learn by trial and error – sink or swim – a frequently painful and frustrating process. You sometimes wonder why you repeat the same mistakes . . . and why when you get great results, you can’t replicate them. You may forget how you accomplished something and wish you had a reliable system to do it again. Now you can learn the processes and professional secrets of renowned executive coach, Hutt Bush, who asks his clients, “How good can you stand it?” With the tools of (Being)ZOOM® you’ll experience breakthrough results so great that you’ll be challenged . . . in a good way . . . by how good your life has become. For over 25 years, Hutt has worked with people from all walks of life with this powerful question: When are you going to stop messing around . . . get out of the way . . . and have the life you say you want? Can you imagine navigating a harbor in a boat without a chart of the harbor? Can you imagine driving somewhere new or traveling to a foreign country without consulting a map? Would you ever build a building without a blueprint? Of course not . . . so why would you try to navigate life without being professionally taught how to make the best possible choices for yourself based on what you care about – not choosing for anyone else, but just for you. After you read (Being)ZOOM®, you’ll wonder how you ever did without having a reliable, proven system where you can map all aspects of any human result in such a way that the best choice almost literally makes itself for you. Hutt says, “As one of the early pioneers of professional mentoring and coaching, I’ve witnessed the growth of coaching as a clear indicator that people want to be taught how to create their own best results.” “I want you to have great tools to successfully coach themselves and others – whether as a parent, a business owner, a leader, a partner, a spouse, or any of the roles that humans play. I want you to move past frustration and upset to a place of inevitably creating exactly what you say you want.” Learn about: • ZOOMING, not DOOMING, on the Spiral of Results™ • Choosing from the one core choice that all humans have • Navigating upwards toward ZOOM and away from the downward pull of DOOM • Mapping all of your choices on the Results Blueprint™ simply and easily • Training yourself to live at the Being Point®, a place of equanimity and calm • Engaging your own evolution positively and powerfully • Creating your own personal “best of all possible worlds.” (Being)ZOOM® is for everyone . . . and it’s especially useful for managers, business owners, parents, partners, leaders, coaches and trainers. (Being)ZOOM is revolutionary – you’ve never read anything like it. You’re choice making human. Your life is the sum of your choices. Now, you have a fundamental choice: Doom or ZOOM! How Good Can You Stand It? All humans have the genius inside to make the best choices for themselves. When we are born, we are pure. We are blank canvases. We have no dogma, no beliefs, no social classes, no hate, no biases, no bigotry and no perception of limitation. Contrary to what we’re told by many authority figures, there's nothing wrong with us. We don't need to be fixed. We’re perfect in all of our shapes, sizes, races and genders. We get to choose exactly how we’ll relate to the world.

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(Being)ZOOM (Hutt Bush) pdf, epub, doc

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