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Bestselling erotica author Sonata Sorento knows how to write about rough and reluctant sex, and in this collection of five rough gangbang stories, you’ll find bondage, reluctant sex, double penetration, and more!

1. Bound By My Husband at the Bachelor Party: A Reluctant Bondage Gangbang Erotica Story

There’s no way in hell Sharon is going to let Phillip hire strippers for his friend’s bachelor party. She makes it absolutely clear, and she’s surprised by how quickly he agrees and lets the matter drop. She’s even more surprised to find out that she’s invited to the party. The surprises keep coming, too! She steps in and doesn’t even get the chance to say hello before her husband has her in cuffs! It’s a rough and reluctant gangbang, but if she’s not willing to let them hire the entertainment, it’s only fair that she provide it herself, right?

2. Gangbang at the Doctor’s Office: A Group Sex with Bondage Erotica Story

Patricia can’t believe the insane bill she’s being asked to pay for a simple college sports physical. She won’t stand for it, and she’s busy making a scene, but Dr. Williams is happy to help her find a way to settle her bill. She’s grateful for the doctor’s reasonable approach, but she’s about to find out the cost is far more than money! Before she knows it, she’s right in the middle of a rough and reluctant gangbang experience, and these doctors are thorough! With the way these doctors tie her up, she’ll never have a chance and she’ll have her first lesbian sex and she’ll take on three cocks at once!

3. The Office Gangbang Party: A Bondage Group Sex Erotica Story

When you work in the office of the biggest porn producers in the world, you get used to seeing sex all day long, and Delia is secure enough to enjoy her role as executive assistant to the management. During a brainstorming session, she learns they need new talent, and when one of them suggests she could be good for the part, she’s suddenly right in the middle of an audition! Can she take on six executives all at once? It’s a gangbang complete with bondage and rough sex, and if she does well, Delia might just become the next porn sensation.

4. My First BDSM Gangbang: A Teacher/Student Bondage Erotica Story

Going to Professor Brady’s class is pure torture! It’s bad enough that he’s a hot young professor she could stare at all day long, but the class is human sexuality! Every class she has to sit through an hour of pure sexual tension, and she’s certain she’ll explode! Worse, when he begins to talk about BDSM, she thinks of all the videos she’s watched and gets even more turned on. She’s terrified that when she shows up for the extra-credit class she’ll soak her panties and her jeans! Embarrassment is the least of her worries though, because this class is all about practical application, and before she knows it, Callie is right in the middle of a gangbang! Learning to be a submissive has never been this intense.

5. Gangbanged by Strangers at the Bar: A Rough Sex Erotica Story

Layla loves her little game. She can dress up sexier than anything, head to a bar, and spend a full night making promises with her eyes and her smiles that she’ll never keep. She gets a bunch of free drinks and, more importantly, the thrill of knowing she can manipulate the men to take care of her. Of course she’s not going home with any of them, and she has her fake number memorized when someone gets insistent. Tonight, though, Layla finds out that some men are on to her. It’s not that they don’t fall under her spell, though. It’s just that all the checks Layla’s behavior writes are going to be cashed! It’s a rough and reluctant gangbang complete with bondage and double penetration!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various gangbang sex encounters. It includes reluctant sex, bondage, anal sex, double team sex, double penetration, wife share, ring gag, teacher/student sex, domination.

(PDF) (PDF, EPUB) Domination Gangbangs (Sonata Sorento) online ebook

Domination Gangbangs (Sonata Sorento) pdf, epub, doc

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