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During the Golden Age of Television, and in bringing justice to the Old West, the Cisco Kid never struggled with nuanced decisions. He hardly ever sweated. He just stepped into the sunshine, caught the light on his silver-studded sombrero, and blinded the Bad Guys into inglorious submission. Why is it that the lantern-jawed hero with a pole up his Untested Courage should elicit our admiration? Where would the so-called hero be without his Sidekick? Yeah, that’s right, Pancho, the guy with the goofy grin, endlessly clowning, being always so hongry, fit company for the muchachos, but never the señoritas. Think about it. The Sidekick actually embodies the values society most needs: loyalty, candor, caution, community. Instead, Pancho offers only comic relief to the Cisco’s Kid’s bravado and splendor.

Pancho was not always the grinning dude with the rumpled bandana. Once he was an aristocrat, scion of a landed California family who could trace their name back four hundred years. His courage was not Untested. He was the Macho Muchacho. He raced Death in a legendary contest that destroyed his family, and cost them the lost hacienda world they once owned.

Pancho, however, was not destroyed. On the advice, of the Talking Bull, he took his muy hombre horsemanship into the movies. But he only played Bad Guys named Chico, and Jose Gomez, and foolish roles like Dr. Zodiac Z. Zippe and Tobias Chump. In 1936 a forgettable film introduced Pancho to another bit player, a Roumanian actor Together they will become Pancho and the Cisco Kid, beloved of all the little buckaroos who tune in for hundreds of TV episodes on black-and-white televisions. Then, an accident dooms them both.

Now, Pancho, Cisco, the Bad Guys, the old mariachis wait out the Afterlife at El Rancho Stucco. Here they find solace; they nurse their wounds and grudges, mourn their unredeemed pawn tickets, and remember those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear. They wish something was enlarged besides their prostates and their hairy ears. At El Rancho Stucco day and night are interchangeable, and dreams do not require sleep. The smoke from the washtub fire ring wafts into the eucalyptus trees. A dry wind flutters the pages of a thousand paperback Westerns. But even El Rancho Stucco is not altogether outside of time. One day a limo stops at the rusted gate. A man in a silk suit arrives with a proposition for Pancho. Perhaps the Sidekick’s time has come at last.

Weaving bits of history, fable, television lore, legend and genuine affection for the Sidekick, Laura Kalpakian creates a provocative tale full of laughter and insight, bravado and imaginative splendor.

(PDF) (PDF, EPUB) El Rancho Stucco (Laura Kalpakian) ebook

El Rancho Stucco (Laura Kalpakian) pdf, epub, doc

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