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Adult MM kinky Anthology. 2 stars.

“This book contains scenes of very intense gay sex, including strong BDSM elements and submissives who will go to the edge of their comfort zones to please their Doms’”

All Mistik saw here was “intense” and “strong BDSM” and YEY! break them down, make them cry, humiliate and beat them. Love them later. Or don't love them. Whatever works!

Mistik got: *frown*scratch head*

I suggest a warning change: “This book contains elements of BDSM including mild breath play.”
Relative terms such as “intense” and “strong BDSM” should be avoided in warnings IMO. In addition, the term “edge” has a meaning in the lifestyle, so that is where the warning took me.

I really don't want to sound like a snob but I can not find another way to say it but to be honest and straight forward: When playing I am generally made uncomfortable. That is the point and to me its normal, everyday lifestyle and I see nothing edgy about it, so when I am reading “the edge of their comfort zone” should be painted to me. I really want to feel the subs stretching their limits to please others. In this collection, I felt, with some stories, its just BDSM, its how its supposed be but I did not feel “the edge”. Its difficult to explain I think and I should note I am fond of breath play.

His Alone: 2 stars - ok story about a couple playing with a large dildo. I felt that he was uncomfortable, but again thats the point and I find no edge here. Also, Three? Only Three?! Oh no, for it to be edgy to me, I want the sub to suffer at least welts, preferably bruising and bleeding. I am a reading Sadist I think.

One, Two, But Not Three: 3 stars. Caning and breath play, one I dreeeead and one I love, both together is a wonderful reading experience. The narrative tone of this story killed it for me though. In order to feel the edge, I wanted Gabriel’s POV. The narration felt detached.

What We Do For Love: 3-4 Stars. This is a favorite of mine in the collection and the one exception to all the stories. I was really feeling the Dominant’s discomfort and a general idea that something was off which put me on edge when the breath play came. Really liked this story for the feels and it was a show not a tell with a nice, flowing dialogue.

Knowing After Only Guessing: 2 stars. Fisting. Again, here I felt detached from the Dominant man’s narrative. I really wanted him to be a Sadist. Obviously, I have a strong preference for Sadistic Dominants, sensual or physical Sadists; I just LOVE them. Sadly, the Dominant was not Sadistic here and did not take and I got the impression he was doing it at sub’s request and that made the whole story plummet for me.

A Cruel Streak: 3 stars. I liked this story for the perversion of taking a non moving body. Is that a kink? Not sure, but its a good MM erotica. =D

Master!: 1 star. I didn’t get this story.

Red Means Danger: 3 stars. Cross dressing I think its called when men dress like girls. I found this story hot! Its worth noting, I really like the British erotic narrative with “knickers” since I imagine a Dominant with a British accent cooing in my ears…the rest of the fantasy I’ll stuff in my RP bucket. =D

Another Man’s Property: 1 star. I feel like I missed a part with the kink. Where is the kink?

Innocence, Right Before It’s No Longer There: 2 stars. 5 lashes only. I am not into pain either, so I get the part where 5 is enough, but I really wanted them to be harder on this sub.

Eyes Wide Open: 1 star. All tell and no show. I REALLY wanted that needle play to be a SHOW. Telling me what happened is not edgy. I need the feels.

* I suggest a Table of Content be added in the formatting, so when readers review or when they want to go back to a specific story they can easily find it. *

Overall, the elements of BDSM are here along with breath play which is generally consider playing on the edge. What is missing from this collection is the feels, the show not a tell, so I can identify or at least understand the subs. Some stories were better than the others, I really want to round up but I can't because it was just ok to me. I would, however, read another (harder) novella by S. Dora.

*** provided by the Author through BDSM group on Goodreads

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