How to find water in the desert wilderness (Brian Morris) pdf, epub, doc

How to find water in the desert wilderness ePub and PDF Available
This book could save your life, and the lives of your entire family, school class, congregation.

Imagine the scene: you’re on holiday, driving across unfamiliar territory. You take a wrong turn and before you realise, you’re lost in a wilderness area.
It could be a featureless terrain such as desert, wilderness, flat fields as far as the eye can see, marshlands, bog country, moors or a forest.

Basically, you’re lost. You don’t know which way to go.
You expected to be in your hotel by nightfall. Instead, you must create a camp from what you find around you. And you must find water - quickly.

Consider the rule of threes:
• 3 minutes without oxygen and you die!
• 3 days without water and you die!
• 3 weeks without food and you die!

So we need water or we die within a day or so, depending upon our age, body size, general health etc. Babies and dogs can dehydrate very quickly because they have less body mass.

That is why knowing how to find water in desolate places is essential knowledge.
Shouting “HELP!” doesn’t get you back to civilisation safely. That’s why you should read this report, BEFORE you take your next serious car journey or hike.

Teach the techniques you learn to your children or school class. You could save their lives.
Section 1: Do ‘first things’ first. Don’t panic.
Section 2: How to use your mobile cellphone to get help.
Section 3: How to use car clubs and motoring organisations to save you, free.
Section 4: How to jump start your car, using a second car.
Section 5: How to find water under the ground.
Section 6: How to build a moisture trap and have water next morning.
Section 7: How to filter muddy water and make it drinkable.
Section 8: How to start a fire using sticks.
Section 9: How to find NORTH without a compass.

How to start a fire using sticks.
How to start a fire using your mobile cellphone.

There are 26 separate tips and techniques for finding water, purifying water and thus, saving your life. You only need ONE to work for you.

Bonus #1: List of emergency numbers for 262 countries worldwide.
Bonus #2: Call the author if you think I can help you. Here’s my number 24/7.

OK, let’s get started.

This report is short because I want you to memorise the important steps. When you’re in deep trouble, distressed and weary, simple instructions are best.

Remember, the information in this report could save your life.
What you learn you'll remember forever. It will be in your head, so you don't need to carry the book with you.
What you carry in your head is there for your entire lifetime/ It will never get stolen, misplaced or get ruined by moths or rust. And, it's no weight to carry around.

What you DON'T KNOW can hurt you.

Download (PDF, EPUB) How to find water in the desert wilderness (Brian Morris). Only now - PDF free!

How to find water in the desert wilderness (Brian Morris) pdf, epub, doc

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