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Stay Out of the Basement (Goosebumps, #2) ePub and PDF Available
What if a loved one began acting strangely?Quite unlike their normal self?At first you think they are just stressed, or perhaps you worry that they are sick.Until some strange things start happening.Things that make you question if your loved one is even really the person they seem to be.

Margaret Brewer and her younger brother Casey live in sunny California.They're spending their days going to school, playing with friends, and teasing each other.But then their father, the botanist Dr. Brewer, gets fired.He's now home all day.But he never plays with the kids.In fact, he barely sees them at all.He's spending all his time down in the basement - a place the kids are forbidden to go.What is he doing down there?Why won't he answer any questions about his work?Why has he suddenly started wearing a baseball cap at all times?Margaret begins to have her suspicions....

I liked this book a lot better than WELCOME TO DEAD HOUSE.The writing is better, the characters are actually a bit developed, and the storyline itself is more compelling.Who didn't enjoy being creeped out by INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS?

This book had a lot of scary elements in it.The kids go from loving and worshipping their dad to being unable to trust him and even being afraid of him.This kind of slow realization that your loved one is 'changed' is very frightening (I see this all the time in real life with Alzheimer's).Dr. Brewer looks the same and sounds the same, but something's off.

Some scary moments were: Margaret coming up on her father quietly and discovering him devouring plant food by the handful over the sink.Margaret discovering that the reason her dad started wearing a baseball cap all the time is because all his hair has been replaced by leaves.Margaret and Casey venturing down into the basement and discovering plants that move at animal speed and moan.

Margaret is a strong female character.Why do I say this?She exhibits an agency and an intelligence I rarely see in books aimed at teens.She is especially effective in the book's climax, when she shows amazing strength, decision-making, and intelligence.I was impressed.Of course, Stine is writing books which have protagonists who are too young to have discovered the opposite sex, and I think this makes it easier.A girl (not yet interested in boys and what they think of her) can be more easily written as confident, self-assured, and willing to save herself.

The ending - both the climactic scene and the parting few lines - are brilliant and well-executed.Stine does a great job of creeping us out.And he does so with sun, tropical heat, and bright colors.This is not a dreary or dark horror, and that makes it all the more terrifying.

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