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The Template of Time is a matrix of dates upon which history unfolds. It has done so with such an amazing degree of precision and consistency that it suggests future events, much like meteorological patterns suggest the next day’s weather.

This would sound ludicrous were it not for the following fact: its predictions are now coming true. The first edition of “The Template of Time” was published in June 2010. It predicted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster around the year 2010. At the time he seemed to be the safest of the Middle East’s autocrats, but in February 2011 he was removed from power. It forecast the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan around the year 2014. NATO has since adopted this date. How can it do this?

It can do this because a time code, hidden in plain sight in the Bible, has been decoded. Have you ever wondered why those quirky little time patterns were scattered throughout the Bible? Why was there a Sabbath day and a Sabbath year? Why was there a Pentecost pattern made up of seven weeks plus one day (this adds up to fifty days and Pentecost means fiftieth) and a Jubilee pattern made up of seven weeks of years plus one year (or 50 years)? Why did the author of Genesis use two ten-generation lists to bring us first to Noah and then to Abraham, and Matthew give such prominence to his genealogical time pattern made up of fourteen generation cycles that took us from Abraham to Jesus? Are they there for no purpose?

They serve a purpose alright, for when these puzzle pieces are put together they form a Template of Time upon history unfolds. As you watch history move across this template you will learn about the evolution of the Roman Empire and its conflict with the kingdom of God. You will see the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Wars of Religion erupt on schedule, along with the Reformation and the globalization of Christianity. Then, after witnessing this, you will understand why the past 2,000 years point to outcomes that will affect everyone.

Is the U.S. in a state of terminal decline? What will its relationship with China turn into to, that of a friend or a foe? Why is the weak-seeming European Union going to be the center stage around which world history will pivot? Why is war imminent in the Middle East and how will it affect Israel? These subjects and many more are addressed in “Template of Time.” It is a book like no other.

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