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Guys, if there is one thing better than a cookbook, it’s a cookbook full of stories.I freaking love it.I love being able to casually throw out little bits of, “Oh this soup?We think it was invented by George Washington’s cook during the winter at Valley Forge, when their rations basically consisted of peppercorns and tripe.”And “Yeah, this cake was popular during both world wars—it uses vinegar and baking soda to lift the batter, since eggs were rationed.”Or “Did you know that the word ‘fudge’ originated in 1888 at Vassar College, based off an expression young ladies were expected to use instead of swearing?”

(It will come as no surprise to y’all that I would much prefer to just read the cookbook, and then have someone else do the actual Making.)

I clearly haven’t tried all the recipes in this book, but the ones we’ve done already were delicious.Cheese pie?Nom.Only-Chicken-Pie?Nom Nom.Monkey bread?Nom Nom Nom.

Side note—can you believe I had never made monkey bread before?Of course you can.But it was a lot easier than I had been led to believe.Husband and I even made the dough!None of this store-bought nonsense for OUR delicious desserts!

Every cookbook has downsides, and this one was no exception.The problem with being, um… heritage-y… is that most of the recipes come from a time before high blood pressure was invented.As a result, the majority of the recipes follow a The-Only-Thing-Better-Than-One-Stick-Of-Butter-Is-Two theme.So some editing might be necessary to ensure that you don’t stroke out mid-bite.Although it would be a delicious, buttery bite.Mmmm.

Also, I don’t know if this has to do with the types of people who submitted recipes, but by GOD there were a hell of a lot of German- and Dutch- and Irish- and Hungarian- and Czech-inspired dishes.And then one Bourbon Cake allegedly from “the South.”WHERE IS THE REST OF THE COUNTRY, AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN?!We are not all from the Midwest!I console myself by assuming that there are no “lost” Cajun recipes, or whatever, because cooks had enough sense to keep on making food that worked.Right?That’s what we’ll say.

But!Any potential downsides were overridden by this:


Friends, this is a Peach Puzzle.

It uses SCIENCE to be delicious.

It vacuum-suctions the sauce into an upside-down custard cup.And it is magic.And it take 30 minutes total.And it is the best-tasting thing I have ever had.

And while I could have found the recipe on the internet… I didn’t.I found it here.A MILLION STARS FOR PEACH PUZZLE!

Full story - (PDF, EPUB) America's Best Lost Recipes (Cook's Country Magazine)

America's Best Lost Recipes (Cook's Country Magazine) pdf, epub, doc

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