Escape (Submissive Journey Part 2) (BDSM Erotica) (Lucinda DuBois) pdf, epub, doc

Escape (Submissive Journey Part 2) (BDSM Erotica) ePub and PDF Available
Sophia's journey takes her to the notorious submissive training grounds known as Cottington Manner. There she will find protection in the arms of Blake Carroway, an associate of Everette's. Protection isn't all she finds, though. Sophia's eyes are opened to a new world. Blake has a reputation of being hard and cruel. But Sophia sees past his tough exterior and discovers an entirely different side of Blake. One that draws the two close together.

Escape: Sophia's Education is 11,000 words of hot BDSM Erotica.


Sophia remembered the moans and groans from the previous night. She assumed that it was all a dream, but maybe it was the couple next door.


“Exactly what I wanted to hear.” Blake’s grin was quite obvious now – that delicious grin that was starting to make Sophia’s insides melt each time she saw it.

Sophia watched as Blake turned and left. She fished out a pale pink robe from the dresser and walked into the hallway. The house didn’t look much different during daylight as it did when she first walked through. There were so many doors down this hallway, so she listened to hear if she could make out the sounds of running water. She figured out that behind the second door was some kind of bathroom, and was relieved to see was right when she cracked it open.

The bathroom was covered in the same white and grey marble as the remainder of the manor. The cast iron fixtures were in sharp contrast to the pale stone. Sophia admired the repeated use of black and white in this house, as every splash of color was appreciated – the rosy pink marble accents especially.

Sophia opened the glass door of a walk in shower, turned on the tap, and just rested under the rainforest shower head. As the hot water flowed over her body, she realized how tired she still was.
How much sleep did I actually have last night? Four hours? Maybe five?

She wanted to stay under that tap all day and just let the water hide her away, like the baths in her old farmhouse, and like the tub at Everett’s. She grabbed a handful of soap and the natural sponge that sat at the side, and cleaned off her body. She washed her hair with the shampoo, and let the water wash it all away after a good scrubbing. She looked down at her feet against the marble floor, mixing with bubbles that flowed down the drain.

She remembered her first night at Everett’s – having that hot bath covered in bubbles, escaping the craziness of the hours beforehand by simply submersing herself under the water. She also remembered that session she spied on – with Bridgette tied up and splayed out before Everett, crying out in pain and through her orgasms. She remembered her own times bound up on that bench, submitting to Everett. It seemed so long ago – a lifetime had passed since then, even though it was only a few months.

Sophia caught herself staring down at her feet, not realizing how much time had passed with her daydreaming. She turned off the tap, and stepped outside the glass doors. She found a stack of fluffy white towels, and wrapped the warm fabric around her pink body. Sophia peeped her head out of the door to the hallway, to make sure the coast was clear, and that she wouldn’t be introducing herself to her new housemates in a bath towel.

Sophia’s modesty, though, didn’t realize that her curiosity had other ideas. Before she reached her bedroom, she paused at the door of Alan and Caroline. She heard familiar sounds coming from the room – the moans of a woman. The rustle of chain and metal. She smack of leather on skin. The fact that the door was slightly open tempted her.

Just a peak, Sophia. Slowly.

(PDF, EPUB) Escape (Submissive Journey Part 2) (BDSM Erotica) (Lucinda DuBois) online (PDF) book download (HTTP-Server)

Escape (Submissive Journey Part 2) (BDSM Erotica) (Lucinda DuBois) pdf, epub, doc

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