Handbook of Vacuum ARC Science & Technology (Raymond L. Boxman) pdf, epub, doc

The vacuum arc is a high current, low voltage electrical discharge between two electrodes situated in a vacuum ambient. The vacuum arc is distinguished from other electrical discharges in that the discharge itself creates the plasma medium which conducts its electrical current. Explaining how this self-organization wonder comes about, and how this phenomena can be used for practical applications are objectives of this book. Vacuum Arc Science and Technology is a comprehensive text describing the basic physics and technological applications of vacuum arcs. These high current electrical discharges create their own conducting medium by vaporizing and ionizing material from the arc electrodes, to form an energetic, highly ionized, metal vapor plasma.

Part I describes basic physics of the vacuum arc, beginning with a brief tutorial review of plasma and electrical discharge physics, then describes the arc ignition process, cathode and anode spots which serve as the locus for plasma generation, and resultant inter-electrode plasma.

Part II describes the applications of the vacuum arc for depositing thin films and coatings, refining metals, switching high power, and as sources of intense electron, ion, plasma, and x-ray beams.

This text represents the first major update on both the physics of the cathodic arc and the technology and applications of arc devices. The previous major text by Lafferty, Vacuum Arcs, Theory and Application, was published 14 years ago and arc science and technology has since made considerable headway. The book covers the known facts of the cathodic arc and contributions by experts in the field discuss some of the theoretical models presently available.

The processes of thin film growth are covered and discussed in the context of the attractive features of low energy ion fluxes emanating from the cathodic spot. The technological problems of filtering undesirable micro-droplets from the arc plasma are discussed in relation to evaporation source design. Also discussed for the first time are some of the unique developments in arc technology that have taken place in the previous Soviet Union. Emphasis has also been placed on the properties of thin films deposited by arc evaporation, applications for such coatings and emerging opportunities for arc technology.

This book will be of great value to research workers in the field, the student requiring back- ground information on this emerging technology, the industrial worker presently using arc evaporation and/or complementary deposition techniques or considering its use. The book represents the state of the art of arc science and technology as presented by leading expert scientists working in theoretical and experimental areas.

(PDF, EPUB) Handbook of Vacuum ARC Science & Technology (Raymond L. Boxman) - awesome PDF online file

Handbook of Vacuum ARC Science & Technology (Raymond L. Boxman) pdf, epub, doc

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