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The Model Master
Book 8 of The RakehellRegency Romance Series

A chance at redemption...and a love worth fighting for?

Fiercely handsome Michael Avenel has been to hell and back during the Peninsular War. Paralyzed from the waist down, he is convinced his life is over until a desperate young woman comes to his door one fateful night.

Lovely Bryony Wells was forced to endure an abusive marriage for the sake of her sons. Once she is widowed, and her eldest boy inherits, she is terrified at what her evil in-laws will do to them all in order to secure the fortune for themselves, and flees.

On the run with her two small sons, she is at her wit's end until she stumbles into Michael’s life…and heart. He offers the destitute and desperate woman a decent job and home. She grows determined to repay Michael's kindness by bringing him out of his black despair, and helping him walk again.

Bryony becomes his secretary, and finds Michael a model employer, with his mastery soon extending to her body and soul. For as their intimacy increases, Bryony is certain she is falling in love with Michael, and that her feelings might actually be returned.

The heated passion Michael feels for Bryony spurs hm into trying to recover his health so he can be the man and incredible lover he feels she deserves.He starts to dare hope that the woman he has come to love above all else might actually be his for the asking, the family he has always dreamed of as well.

But soon Bryony's evil brother in law Derek makes his move.Michael encounters a cunning enemy from his worst nightmare. Can Michael ever be the hero Bryony needs him to be? Can Bryony ever escape the ghosts from her past, and through her love for Michael, help him escape from his own?

Michael’s eyes flew open and he snatched at her wrist, sorely tempted by her caress, but petrified of his own reaction. Of ruining everything he had built between them, everything he had come to love about his new life with her as his companion. “This is madness. You can’t possibly-”

“I do. I do want you, Michael,” she protested, her voice trembling with urgent need. “You’ve been kind, generous, tender with me. Tender with the children. Why should I not feel attracted to you? Desire you?”

Michael gave a snort of self-mocking laughter. “You can have your pick of any eligible and successful man about Town. How can I ever compete with that?”

Bryony stroked his face lovingly. “You’re right. There is no competition. I went for eligible and successful once before, and look at the disaster which befell me.

“It wasn’t love. It was infatuation. The product of the idle fantasies of a young girl with no understanding of the world, or men.

"I’ve learned some hard lessons since then. One of them is that true love exists. In all of the most unlikely places, true, but it does exist. I know because I’ve found it here with you."


She shook her head. “I’m not asking you to love me in return, Michael. Just let me love you. Let me move our relationship forward to the final physical one. We’ve shared everything else. Why not that? I need to know. Need to be one with you. I find I long for you so badly, I can barely stop my hands from shaking when I touch you. The thought of you touching me arouses my body so, I can scarcely breathe.”

He stared at her, hardly daring to believe her words. “No, it’s not possible…”

The Model Master
Words=85,600, approx. 258 8x11 pp
Rating: Very sensual/spicy, multiple explicit love scenes throughout the book

The Rakehell Regency Romance Series
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8-The Model Master
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The Model Master (The Rakehell Regency #8) (Sorcha MacMurrough) pdf, epub, doc

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