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كتاب مفيد، شمل مسألة التصوير الرقمي من أ إلى ي لكن دون الدخول في التفاصيل المملة، ابتداء من الكاميرا و إعداداتها و انتهاء بنشر الصور و تعديلها على البرامج.

مناسب للمبتدئين.



*White balance= color temp.
في فديو تعليمي عن التصوير، ذكر المصور أن في الكاميرات التي لا يمكن التحكم بهذا العامل فيها، يعني يكون فيها تلقائيا بناء على تقدير الكاميرا التلقائي.. في هذه الحالة، يمكن "خداع" الكاميرا من خلال الضغط على زر التصوير بشكل جزئي على مكان فيه إضاءة أكثر/أقل حسب المطلوب، و بعد أن تثبت الإعدادات كما نريد نوجه الكاميرا إلى الناحية التي نريد التصوير فيها.

* Aperture:
"two camera functions control the exposure of a photograph: the amount of light you let in through the lens at any given moment and the amount of time you let light come through the lens. Aperture controls the amount of light, and the shutter controls the amount of time."

"In portraiture, aperture priority [where you control the aperture value:] is needed because you want to force the background to blur by using the widest available aperture (f-stop)."

f-stop: f-2.8, f-3.5, etc.

"Changing the aperture settings adjusts the size of the opening and thus the amount of light the lens passes through to the image sensor."

* Depth of fields:
"Control Depth-of-Field Depth-of-field is the distance between the closest sharply focused object to the lens and the farthest sharply focused object from the lens. Smaller apertures (higher f-stop numbers) create greater depth-of-field. Wide apertures create very shallow depth-of-field.
The other factor that influences depth-of-field is the focal length of the lens."

*Shutter speed:
"Not setting the shutter speed high enough can result in blurred shots"
"If the movement of the camera is faster that the shutter speed, the image will be blurred (to put it another way, less than sharp). This effect is commonly called
camera motion blur."
يعني، إذا فيه حركة كثيرة، الأفضل يكون سرعة إغلاق العدسة كبيرة. <- درس مهم لإنسانة تطلع أغلب صورها فيها وشة

* Tips to take photos:
"* To stop motion Set the camera to the highest shutter speed that will give you a correct exposure at or near the widest possible aperture (smallest f-stop number).
* To blur motion Set your camera at a fairly slow shutter speed, but not too much slower than 1/60.
* To blur the foreground and background Use the widest aperture and then raise your shutter speed to compensate.
* To maximize the overall sharpness of the image from as close to the camera as possible to as far from the camera as possible Use the smallest f-stop (largest number) to narrow the aperture as much as possible. Most digital cameras will not step down their apertures to an opening smaller than f-11."

* Good composition:
'You need to consider a number of factors when setting up a composition: the selection and arrangement of the elements, the framing of the elements, the shot’s focal point, and the symmetry of the photo."

"Everything in a photograph should be included for a reason, not just because it was there."

"The focal point is the main point of interest in the photo composition. This is not necessarily the center of the frame."

"Two things—clear focus and position—define the focal point. The eye will move to the sharpest detail in the photograph first. Then the eye will move through the image guided by placement, color, contrast, perspective, and visual connections"

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Digital Photography (Ken Milburn) pdf, epub, doc

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