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I sort of wrote about my fairly recent discovery and feelings about Thomas Berger in my review forSuspects , so I'll try to repeat myself too much, except maybe to say that I'm liking him even more after reading a third book of his.

I've never read Candide but from what I gather Voltaire said, or had a character say, that this was the best of all possible worlds.Smarter folks than me will know if I'm correct there, and if I'm not please just substitute whomever actually famously issued that sentiment for any possible Voltaire references in this review.

An ordinary, run of the mill middle aged copy-editor, a schlub, gets caught in a freak rainstorm without an umbrella and with a coat that is failing in it's job of protecting the wearer from the elements.It's one of those unlucky little moments in life, he's already running late to work, and now his day is being made even worse by the weather and he takes refuge under an awning to wait out the torrential downpour.There he meets a man who offers to change his past for him, the humdrum and fairly uneventful life he's been leading can be changed.After some initial disbelief in the fantastical offer he accepts and has his name changed and after he sees that this little man was able to literally change his name (everyone knows him now by his new name, without any memory that he had just an hour earlier had a different monkier) he allows the little man to change his past.

If you could be anything, or to be more percise if you could have done anything in the past what would you have done, or been?

Kellog's (that would be the man with his new name) chooses first to be wealthy, like wealthy to the point where there are skyscrapers in New York City bearing your surname wealthy.And like that, the man's past is replaced with all he events that someone who is richer than Trump would have lived through (the man still retains a certain level of memory about his 'real' self throughout all of this).He now drives around New York City drinking champange in the back of a Rolls Royce.He beds beautiful women who his ex-professional Football playing bodyguard / driver procures for him.He can decide to go on extravegant vacations on a whim, oh and he's also an unethical slum lord who has a tendency to hire goons to beat up tenants that won't move out of prime real estate that he wants to develop and keeps his buildings in sub-third world conditions.No one is perfect.

(I'm writing a book report, wow! This calls for a LOLcat type picture!


Anyway, Kellog is disgusted with this 'other' version of himself and he has his life changed back to the unremarkable life he'd been living.Passing up the fabulous wealth and fucking super-model caliber women for his middle class life and faithful but passionless marriage.But when a disaster strikes in the family he opts to save his family anymore pain by causing them to cease to exist by having his own past once radically changed again.

The bulk of the book is made up of what Kellog's other two possible lives would have been.The first when he chooses to be funny (because he didn't really like the person he was when he was rich, and how can being funny be awful, right?) and leads the life of a Sinatra Rat-Pack era stand-up comedienne.And when that life turns out to be not as fun filled as he would have thought, he opts to help other people and leads a third-alternate life as one of those call-in radio shrinks (this scene (actually this whole book but this scene in particular) is really reminiscent of Stanley Elkin (Dick Gibson Show).

Each of his three alternate lives is filled with it's own problems, which may or may not be worse than the problems that exist in Kellog's 'real' life, but I think most people would agree that none of the alternate lives are perfect any standard.

I thought that finishing up a review that has been pretty much only a book report deserved one more lolcat, so I googled Stanley Elkin and lolcat, and surprisingly none of the results on the first couple of pages had anything to do with Stanley Elkin (Note to self, this is an abscene on the internets that needs to be filled!I see myself publishing a book version of my lolcats making references to underserevedly underappreciated novelists by next Christmas), but I think this picture that was on the first page of image results sums up my feelings towards my recent discovery of Thomas Berger....

And now maybe do yourself a favor and read some Thomas Berger (and Stanley Elkin) so you can look like this happy puppy too!

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