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The date of composition of the Metamorphoses is uncertain. It's variously been considered by scholars as a youthful work preceding Apuleius' Apology of 158/9, or as the climax of his literary career & perhaps as late as the 170s or 180s. Apuleius adapted the story from a Greek original of which the author's name is said to be Lucius of Patrae (the name of the lead character & narrator). This Greek text has been lost, but there is Λούκιος ἢ ὄνος (Loúkios è ónos, Loukios/Lucius or the Ass), a similar tale of disputed authorship, traditionally attributed to Lucian of Samosata, a contemporary of Apuleius. This surviving Greek text appears to be an abridgement or epitome of "Lucius of Patrae's" text. Possibly the original lost story was written by Lucian & the abridged version was later transmitted under his name. The Golden Ass (Asinus Aureus) or Metamorphoses is the only Latin novel that's survived in its entirety. It's an imaginative, irreverent & amusing work that relates the ludicrous adventures of one Lucius, who experiments with magic & is accidentally turned into an ass. In this guise he hears & sees many unusual things, until escaping from his predicament in a rather unexpected way. Within this frame story are found multiple digressions, the longest among them being the well-known tale of Cupid & Psyche. The Metamorphoses ends with the (once again human) hero, Lucius, eager to be initiated into the mystery cult of Isis; he abstains from forbidden foods, bathes & purifies himself. He's introduced to the Navigium Isidis. Then the secrets of the cult's books are explained to him, & further secrets revealed before going thru the process of initiation which involves a trial by the elements in a journey to the underworld. Lucius is then asked to seek initiation into the cult of Osiris in Rome, & eventually is initiated into the pastophoroi—a group of priests that serves Isis & Osiris.

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