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Nathan Bond is a man who has never really been okay with his life. He feels driven to do more be more and be the best and we see he achieves and backslides and deals with all the emotions that come along with it and this is the story of how it can affect not only his mental state but those he loves.

I read Sloan Wilson's The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit a few years back and fell in love with the gritty pulpy book.I loved how it was written, i could just feel the "Mad Men" sense of it without it being a copy (hello, it was written during the actual era).
But like some books with a specific taste, reading one of it's kind is satisfying for a while until the itch to to revisit the style and the time period.
So, now was that time again.

The book opens with Nathan in an apartment in New York contemplating his life at present where his wife Amy is divorcing him and his children aren't talking to him and he's finally stopped drinking and lost some of the weight he's been meaning to.But he's alone and lonely and not working probably going downhill without the constant demands of work work work.Then he get's a phone call that says the house he and Amy shared and was going to be put on the market was vandalized and he needs to come see the damage.He gets in touch with Amy and they two agree to go since they suspect it's their elder child who is responsible.

I loved the first person account of Nathan and his wife Amy and how he feels the need to make money to support his family and to work at a job that gives him all the prestige and bragging rights.But you can't reallyhave your "things" and time to be with your family at the same time.
I loved how different life seemed to be back then, the language use and etiquette of living etc.

So between arranging the meeting in the house and the actual meeting of the house we slip into several parts of the book- the history of Nathan and how he fell in love and despite that led a life riddled with betrayals, habits, addictions and bad decision making (definitely my kind of character).
The almost 500 pages (which didn't seem so much could be packed in my pocket sized copy) we see how Nathan grew up, met Amy and convinced her to marry him only to enlist in the military to spend 4 years aboard a ship that is sure to get sunk.By a stroke of luck he is sent home due to injury and the couple begin their life with luxurious tastes and the stress of affording it.Nathan starts a job as a reporter and ends up doing cartoons which take off in a huge way- hello hollywood.His mother falls ill and lands in a mental institution after his father passes and soon he has two children.There seemed to be a general sense of dissatisfaction in life with Nathan.He goes back and forth with what's important and seems to make hasty decisions that pan out to disasters.

It was a book that critics didn't like for some reason.It was similar to The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit but different enough that it wasn't repetitive.I thought the writing was gorgeous and I totally dropped in every time I opened the (very smelly) book.
If you've never heard of him and want a break from all the contemporary blockbuster new streamlined books I recommend this one. Domestic dysfunction galore.

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