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The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet is specifically designed to solve the problems of out-of-control or binge eating, to restore sanity with food, and to simultaneously lose weight. Out-of-control eating is a special issue that's exacerbated and made worse by low-fat and low-calorie diets. Most weight loss authors and nutritionists are well-intended, but they simply do not understand or address the out-of-control eating problem. Sugar-free expert Karen Bentley understands out-of-control eating, and The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet fills this gap left wide open by other weight loss books. The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet eating program is different and better because it normalizes eating patterns, eliminates (or at least minimizes) cravings and crazy eating spells, and at the same time leads to weight loss and size reduction. Most people average 8-10 pounds of weight loss per month, but some lose much more.

A key strategy of the Sugar-Free Miracle Diet is to eliminate trigger foods. These foods are easily identifiable because they're all made with caloric sweeteners or highly processed grains like white flour. It's not possible to just stop eating, but it is possible to stop eating trigger foods. Trigger foods also happen to be the same substances that lead to weight gain, size increase and the unhappy situation where you can't trust yourself around food. Why deal with it? Why pretend to manage these substances, when you can't? It's easier and healthier to get them out of your food supply. Just say no to caloric sweeteners and powdery flours.

A second strategy is to introduce dietary fat back into the diet. Fat makes it possible to pre-empt hunger and to experience eating satisfaction as well as to enjoy delicious scents and flavors from foods. Satisfaction must be achieved. It's absolutely essential. Otherwise, the diet will not be continued and weight loss cannot be sustained. Fat is not the bad guy in the out-of-control eater's diet.

The third strategy is to eat big food volume, up to four pounds per day. That's right. Four pounds! Big food volume that you can see with your eyes is a tangible signal that you're not trying to starve or deprive yourself. Volume fills you up and lessens the tendency to mindlessly eat just to keep the stomach from feeling empty. In fact, it's almost impossible to overeat when you're expected to load up on fiber-rich volume at every meal.

The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet is based on the scientific relationship between 1) the foods you eat that are made with caloric sweeteners and powdery flours, 2) the excess insulin your body produces to process these substances, and 3) weight gain, size increase, hunger, food cravings, fatigue and the predisposition to chronic inflammation and disease. It really is the sugar, stupid! Forget everything you think you know about dieting, and get with an easy, doable program like the Sugar-Free Miracle Diet. It's the solution you've been looking for.

The book includes the 7 simple diet rules and the daily food budget, a discussion about artificial sweeteners including which ones are okay and which ones aren't, how to become a sugar detective, snacks, a weekly menu example, dealing with mistakes, and everything else you need to be successful.

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