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Colin Winson is always a good read, provided you don't take him too seriously: his style is always chatty and pleasant, and if you are interested in things occult, then he is a good introduction to the subject.

My edition of this work was published in 2008, but it is essentially a reprint of the work which was published in 1988.

The fun with Wilson is that he is amazingly eclectic and wide-ranging in his search for stories to back up his assessments.I have always found stories about amazing incidents and events fun to read; but I have always maintained a certain scepticism about them all.Wilson, on the other hand, seems to be convinced that all these stories are touching on 'something', he calls it a 'higher' quality of consciousness, which we should strive to access if we are to evolve to the next plane of our 'perfection' as human beings (he tends to call the rest of us lazy, ignorant or entrapped, though not in an aggressive or angry way).

The problem I have with this is that Wilson seems to be quite prepared to take stories from whereven he can find them, indiscriminately, and piles them up in massess of stories which he considers as 'evidence' that something special is happening.I see these 'proofs', however, as merely an accumulation of anecdotes; many of them are taken from events and locations over hundreds of years.But anecdotes are anecdotes; simply accumulating them 'proves' nothing.

Wilson used these 'inductive' anecdotes to back his positing of something 'higher' and more powerful that human nature has, and which our everyday concerns and worries have 'edited out' or 'censored' (an action he considers to be a mistake — others might consider it to be necessary for survival).This approach is common in many so-called esoteric groups or individuals (one comparatively recent claim calls this otherness which we all posses as the 'akashic' field — if I understand Wilson correctly, he calls this 'life', i.e. that 'life' is something extraneous to ourselves and which imbues us, or comes into us from outside).

All of this is, of course, speculation, as far as I am concerned.Some might consider this more 'real' than reality.All I can say is that more rigid proofs than simply accumulating data is needed before one can claim that something significant is going on (if it is going on at all).

One minor irritant to Wilson is that in his zeal for collecting anecdotes, or 'facts', he tends not to question them too seriously (he does use of technique of 'questioning' them to a certain extent, but usually only to then say: 'but what about THIS...' and comes up with a more 'puzzling' narrative).Another fault is that he appears to take matters out of context.He mentions, for example, the Fox sisters, and how their extraordinary experiences generated a worldwide interest in Spiritualism.All true.But he inexplicably refrains from revealing that later the sisters freely admitted that it was all a hoax. This revelation did not do any harm whatsoever to the Spiritualism they had 'unleashed': believers just moved onto other more interesting 'manifestations'.

The Occult is always a fascinating field to dip into: one must always be aware, however, that unless and until something more solid than mere anecdotal evidence surfaces, conclusions based on it should be taken with many grains of salt.

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Beyond the Occult (Colin Wilson) pdf, epub, doc

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